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Chorux Interview

DNB Vault had the opportunity to chat with a fresh face and up and coming producer, Alex Page aka Chorux about his ambitious and impressive debut digital EP on Warm Communications.

Considering the Polaris EP is your first offering to the world, would you be so kind and give our readers a short introduction?
My name is Alex Page. I go by Chorux (kor-uks). I’m a native San Diegan. I started playing music when I was 13 or 14 years old. Started out on a friend’s older brother’s drum set. Picked up guitar on my dad’s acoustic. I played in some bands in high school and learned a little bit of piano. I started getting into electronic music toward the end of high school, got hooked on DnB through the rave scene throughout SoCal, DJ’d around San Diego for a while, and started producing around 2006.

What are your influences when making music?
I listen to a lot of different music. Specifically in DnB, artists like Break, DLR, Xtrah, Ulterior Motive, Ivy Lab, SCAR, Total Science, Gerra & Stone, Villem, HLZ, Amoss, Ed:it, Bredren, Spectrasoul, Lenzman, Nymfo, LSB, EastColors, Mako, Skeptical, Blu Mar Ten, Hybris, Quadrant & Iris, Hydro, Cern, Cursa, Survey, Detail. There’s no shortage of inspiring producers in dnb right now.

What hardware / software do you use?
Mac, Logic, NI Komplete, Virus TI2, Serum, Yamaha HS Series monitors and various plugins.

What’s the best advice you have received throughout learning production that you could pass on?
I think the most common struggle when you’re learning is staying motivated and productive enough to work consistently. One thing I learned from a spot on book written on this topic, called “The War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield, is to sit down, work, not even worry about whether or not what you’re doing is good, and to just remember that all that really matters is that you’re putting in the time. I know this might sound weird. Obviously you want your stuff to be good. But the point is that in order to become good, you have to first put in the time. Pressfield says “It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write.” Learning to overcome this sort of thing really helps me maintain productivity.

For many artists, their first release is one or two tracks that can pigeonholed them in the eyes and ears of listeners. This is not the case for you. The Polaris EP is a 4 track, somewhat cinematic collage of DNB that encompasses many vibes deep, organic, tech and moody which leaves the doors wide open for you. Can you walk us through EP?

“Don’t Even Know” is a rolling, high energy, soulful tune with fast drums, deep bass, vibed out vocal samples and piano hooks. This was the first of many of the more soulful, melodic tunes in my sound, and a perfect way to make my introduction.

“Polaris” is the title track of the EP. This tune was a bit different for me when I made it because it was very musical and simple, and I really like that about this one. Steppin beats, dirt, deep basslines and spaced out atmospheres. 

“It’s All Happening” is a sort of jazzy, funky groove with resonant basslines and crisp breaks. I layered lots of random sounds I managed to record around my neighborhood with my handheld recorder, and I love the quirky, unique character it adds to the tune.

“Away From The Light” rounds out the EP with the more rough, moody, techy vibes that any close friend of mine will tell you I’m all about. Eerie atmospheres and arps weaving in and out of a fast paced, percussive groove. This was a tune that did not come easy when I started it, and having to really press on to get it working ended up being a big learning experience. Because of this, I think it’s a perfect tune to close out my first release.

Who has given feedback or support?
Blu Mar Ten, Quadrant, EastColors, Cursa, Lockjaw, Subtone & Stunna

Do you have any other projects in the works?
Just working on writing lots of new music at the moment. Already have plans for another release on Warm hopefully before the end of the year, this time on a 12” piece of vinyl.

Parting shouts?
Shouts to everyone who purchases the EP even after I had them download it for free. Just kidding, kinda [laughs]. Shouts to EHL at Warm Comms for the amazing opportunity. Couldn’t be more grateful to find such a great home for the tunes. Out to all the artists and DJs supporting. Shouts to all the homies and crews in SD and LA, One Massive, Lost Kawz, Organized Grime, Sub Killaz, SD Union, Solid and all the other DJs, producers, promoters and heads pushing drum & bass in SoCal. Probably wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for the awesome scene we have. And a big shout to my girl, Ava, for all her love and support from day one. Boosh!

For more information on Chorux
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Chorux on Soundcloud
Chorux on Twitter

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