Ladies and Gentlemen! Los Lucheros Chopstick are here in full force this evening, as Jacky Muerte, Don Yoof, The Goat and El Tuff are joined by Senor Night Shift and The Interrupter. Los Cantantes have their lyrics ready, with Senor Flinty, El Demonio, and Papi Freddy, alongside the infamous Bunny LyeLye.

This junglist cage match represents the primeval struggle, an eternal conflict predating the beginnings of sound system. Ever since the first subwoofer crawled up from the gloomy depths of history to free soundsystems from the shackles of midrange, the eternal cry of every selector about to battle has been, and will always be, “Give me a dubplate!”


Chopstick Dubplate – Give me a Dubplate ft. Ragga Twins Bunny Lye Lye

Crisp and scattered drums smear across a familiar riddim as this one starts up.  The chatter in the intro gets you hyped up in seconds and you are off and running into the breakdown.  This is a great take on the familiar Mash Dem Down tune that all of us ragga junglists grew up on.  As soon as the nostalgia gets comfortable you get moved into a section where the lyrical fire is hot and consistent!  New vocals and a new direction take over and step this tune up into the new era.  What an incredible job on this new and instant classic!  This does a perfect job of taking you back, but with the technology and mixdown standards of today.

Chopstick Dubplate – Give me a Dubplate ft. Daddy Freddy Bunny Lye Lye

Same music as the original but the Ragga Twins sit this one out as Daddy Freddy steps in to do his work.  Daddy Freddy and his unique voice bring a harsh edge to the tune that makes it almost clash worthy for the time Daddy Freddy is spitting lyrics. This would be a great crossover tune to head in or out of heavier jungle tunes. Hard to pick a favorite of these two versions as both have something unique to offer and fans will have to make up their minds for themselves!

Chopstick Dubplate – Give me a Dubplate Night Shift Remix

Night Shift pulls a sly one on this remix and completely fools you into following the vibe of the original tune for the first few bars. By the time he hits the breakdown you can hear new timing elements creep in and start to move you in a new direction.  When it does drop you do a complete u-turn and he takes you down a long dark tunnel of heavy bass and slapping drums.  After beating you over the head for a few moments the lyrics start up and bring it even harder!  This was a really refreshing flip on the classic and a welcome surprise on the drops.  People in the dance will love finding the vibe on this one and then being tricked into a full on head bang session!

Chopstick Dubplate – Give me a Dubplate Interrupt Remix

Interrupt ditches the original riddim on this one and creates a riddim all his own by using a bubbling and dubby style bass with riddim skanks stabbing the key changes for him.  The melody is similar enough to the original while staying unique to really tease your brain and get you excited for what is to come.  The bassline continues as the tune drops and there is more of a dancehall vibe to the break leaving snares complete out of the mix.  This would be a great tune to drop mid set and get people moving and grooving again before the next onslaught of aments hits them.  A really nice update and rework here while still heavily nodding to the original.

Words by: Direct Feed

Chopstick Dubplate