Chopstick Dubplate – 420 EP – Chopstick Dubplate Records


The Council of Chops is battling the insectoid gromflamite forces of the galactic federation, in a bid to return the multiversal THC crystals to the 420 dimension. Since the removal and quarantine of the crystals by order of the galactic commission, interdimensional cannabization effects have all but dissapeared. With billions of dabbers up in arms, spliffs having no effects, and people
generally very grouchy, Chopstick Dubplate launched the mission to unify the crystals with 420. The operations team led by Jacky Murda, Aries, Tuffist and King Yoof, completed re-acquistion and offloaded the cargo outside the entrance to 420. The insectoid police force appeared at the dimensional gate just as baskets full of the green gems crossed the border. Momentarily outnumbered, reinforcements General Jah Mikey, Mr. Williamz, General Pecos, Jah Mason and Jah Roamy, arrived at the crucial moment to defeat the galactic federation, and unify the 420 dimension.

International label and collective Chopstick Dubplate perform live original soundsystem music for all the subwoofer massive and crew right round the world. Operating outta London, Barcelona and Birmingham, the Chopstick family, aka Jacky Murda, Tuffist, Max Powa and Aries, hosts some of the biggest vocalists in the reggae world, collaborating to build the nicest tunes to mash up the dance. Originally known for their trademark junglist style, cutting dubplates on Jacky’s in-house lathe, Chopstick Dubplate kick-started the ragga jungle revival, releasing a string of influential jungle 10″ vinyl featuring Terry Ganzie, Pinchers, Johnny Osbourne, and Jah Mason. Full length LPs include 2004’s “21 Murda Shots”, 2010’s “Chopstick Meets River Nile”, 2013’s “Chopstick meets Williamz in London” featuring rising star Mr. Williamz and Top Cat, and 2014’s forthcoming “Chopstick in Wonderland” featuring Leftfield veteran Cheshire Cat. Recent Chopstick productions include Nanci & Phoebe’s debut single “Notorious”, Congo Natty’s “Get Ready” and “Jah Sunshine”, General Levy’s “Pon di Riddim” for Mad Professor’s Ariwa Records, For all the dancehall and dub soundsystem lovers watch out for the pure niceness of Chopstick Dubplate Live with operators Jacky Murda and Aries, and microphone control by Mr. Williamz, Demolition Man, Top Cat, David Boomah, Cheshire Cat, Daddy Freddy…
Chopstick Dubplate