Chopstick Dubplate – 420 2021 – Chopstick Dubplate


    It’s that special time of year again. The time of year that we all look forward to spending time with friends and family…but maybe we’re so stoned that we forget to call them. Yes, that’s right…it’s 4/20 and we all know what that means? Yup special holiday tracks from Chopstick Dubplate to celebrate the occasion.

    Sess Flex feat. Myki Tuff Clip

    We start out with those spring and summertime vibes the way that only Chopstick Dubplate can deliver. This one is so smooth that you might slip and fall if you walk on it. Music for stoners by stoners. But, seriously a very chill liquid type tune that is a bit different for them in style; but still maintains that very distinct Chopstick Dubplate sound. Lyrics carry the melody through the song and the groove really rolls in the second half of the track. Love the drum arrangement and the bass line is really deep and rich without being overwhelming. Just moves those vibes on and keeps rolling. The congas and percussion in the arrangements really fill things in nicely too. So smooth you almost don’t notice. This is sunny day in the park music all the way. I think y’all can come up with some sort of activity that this would be a good sound track to.

    Gimme Di Weed feat. Jigsy King (Chopstick vs. Nightshift Remix)

    As mentioned in the above track, this one is also a bit of a divergence from the usual style we hear from Chopstick Dubplate. In a very good way. It still has those hallmarks that make it uniquely them, but it’s a bit different from a lot of their other productions. It’s got those vibes all day lyrics in the intro; and that’s how you really know it’s them. But, this one is bit more “steppy” than they usually go and I really like it. The bass line is a bit more of a growler too. I really like it a lot and think that they did a masterful job of weaving in elements of styles that we hear going around in the Jungle world these days; without imitating anyone or compromising their sound. Adding in those classic Chopstick Dubplate stylings that just make you wanna pass that joint. Which way was this thing going around again?

    Bag A Greens feat. General Jah Mikey

    OK, this one is a straight up time warp to the 80’s. Right outta Night Flight or MTV (some old guy stuff there). With those retro synths, I’m pretty sure that they fired up the time machine for this one. Complete with over the top long note vocals. It’s honestly hard to keep a straight face every time I listen to it and I absolutely love it. I mean this is spot on retro synth work. Just brilliant. All that said, the bass line is a warbler on steroids. I think a UFO is landing with that wobble bass. Do you hear it? Or am I just high? Really well composed of course. To put it mildly, Chopstick Dubplate really shows off an incredible range on this EP. From beach and sunny day in the park liquid sounds, to grimey steppers to a total retro sound. Masterful stuff.

    Herbs Toast feat. Myki Tuff (Cheeba Bay Remix)

    This is a straight up vocal “a capella” arrangement. Fun fact: the term “a capella” comes from the Italian meaning “chapel”. And man, this one really captures that spirit perfectly. If your chapel is getting stoned AF and watching a sunrise or sunset that is. You could easily drift off the end of the earth with this one. It’s one of those tracks that ends and you sorta shake yourself when it’s over as you get back to your body. You know the vibe.

    What would we do without Chopstick Dubplate for the holy daze?


    Chopstick Dubplate