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Chase & Status – Heater ft General Levy – Virgin/EMI

Chase & Status are already back to the table continuing to push their Return to the Jungle.  This time working with General Levy and bringing a “Heater!”   Heater starts off with classic jungle style, tingling drums and a riddim style 2 bass hit teasing the melody.  Throughout the intro is samples of jungles original hay day and General Levy laying out the chatter like a boss.  Finally the drums break away and the melody comes in full swing while General Levy hypes you for the drop.  The drop smoothly rolls in and General Levy doesn’t break stride.  The drums and bassline kick in and fall in place behind the powerful, running vocals that continue to demand your attention throughout the tune.  The bassline is original but written to represent the riddim style of reggae and blurs the line perfectly between the yard and the jungle.  Chase & Status have brought the fun back to the jungle and have done so with today’s production standards and techniques.  This is sure to find its way into the bigger sets this year as the jungle sound continues its journey back into the underground soundscape.

Words by Direct Feed


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