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Catching up with Whiney

Equador (Henry Binns of Zero 7 and Bo Bruce) released their debut album ‘Bones of Man’ on Pegdoll Records in October last year. The album meshes the songwriting talent of Bo Bruce and the familiar clarity of production associated with Zero 7.

Symmetry was one of the third singles from the album and is a steely electronic piece which has an air of vulnerability that pulls you in. Whiney then arrives giving Equador his trademark liquid drum n bass treatment courtesy of Hospital records.

Get your copy HERE

Whiney took a few minutes out of his schedule to talk to us about his remix.

1. Hi Will aka Whiney, thanks for taking the time to chat to us today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi guys, I’m a 22 year old producer/DJ from Coventry signed to Hospital Records’ twisted sister Med School Music and have been for nearly 3 years now. D&B is my speciality and you might have seen/heard my name pop up on UKF, Radio 1 or Hospitality flyers here and there.

2. How were you introduced to Drum & Bass?
Slam by Pendulum was the first D&B tune I heard while I was into gaming on my PlayStation 3 at the age of 14. Everything about it grabbed my attention and I found myself endlessly searching the internet for their tunes after that. It felt like a breakthrough moment for me as I have been a big music fan my whole life, playing the violin and piano since I was 4, but classical music didn’t have the energy to really inspire me. The internet introduced me to DJ Fresh, Chase & Status and the label Breakbeat Kaos who are all still my biggest inspirations while writing.

3. How did your relationship with Pegdoll Records begin?
Olly hit me up after he’d heard my tune Teddy’s Gate go up on UKF. It reminded him of what he thought was the golden era of D&B and the style that got him into the genre and he told me about his label and the Equador album they’d just released. I’d seen a couple of bits floating about on my Soundcloud feed from reposts but not heard the whole project and when I did, I thought I’ve got to be a part of this.

4. What was is about Symmetry that attracted you to the remix?
It was a track that really stood out for me, not only because I liked it but because I could see what to do with it during the first listen. The vocal was the main clincher as I love working with vocalists and I wanted to keep as much of it in the remix as possible. There were a lot of other elements, such as the textures and overall atmosphere that reminded me of my own tunes so tome it seemed like a no brainer.

5. Release date for this is 12 May (today), what reaction have you been getting so far?
A good one which is nice! Friction has been playing it a fair bit on his BBC Radio 1 slot and Mixmag premiered it on their YouTube channel which had some supportive comments. The feedback from the promo that went out to other artists was also really positive and had some lovely reviews from some of my favourite producers such as SPY, Noisia and Camo & Krooked.

6. Finally, what’s next for you and do you have any shouts?
My debut album. If you’ve been feeling the remix and any of my other work lately I think you’ll be really into it and can expect to hear it later this year. Gig wise I’m at The Bridge with Med School on May 26, Liquicity Festival in Holland on July 9 and a few others tbc so keep an eye on my facebook page.

Lastly, big shout outs to Olly and the Pegdoll team, Bo & Henry Equador, Friction and Mixmag for all their support on the release so far. To D&B Vault for the interview and to everyone else that has been listening, sharing and enjoying my music lately!



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