After releasing music on such labels as Bad Taste , Eatbrain, and Renegade Hardware  you now take on the label side of things. What is it like going from a  Producer on major labels to being the head of your own label?

  I think the main difference and also a reason why a lot of artists are lately going down this path is  an absolute freedom of doing everything your desired way without having to meet  sound formulas of the certain label. Also freedom when it comes to the releasing timeline, you can do it whenever you feel it without having to wait in the release cue of the label, any pressure on deadlines etc. So I would say the freedom and independence are the main benefits. 

 On the other hand major label took of some pressure of your shoulders regarding promotional/marketing things so you as an artist can focus more on the music. Major labels also have a huge base of followers which helps as well. I just did my first release and it was quite a lot of work already. But it’s doable and I am enjoying it.    just to get things at the right place, I would still like to release on the major labels. 

What do you see as your vision for your label?

I see Trilo Music as a little platform for my music and collaborations between myself and people which music I appreciate and like. I may be mostly known for darker, energetic sound, but I do not want to stick to just one subgenre of drum and bass, so there will be no borders. If I will be in a mood for deeper stuff, deeper stuff will be released. If I will feel like throwing grenades, harder music will go out. If I will feel funky and smiley I may even release some liquidfunk. 

So do you have collaborations lined up that we should be on the watch for?

Yes I do, next up will be collaboration with my Czech mate QO who also helped me a lot with setting up the label(Big ups!), then we have something pretty much ready with my favourite collab partner Mizo and also one metal influenced piece with an upcoming artist from Poland – Matys. Lot more in the working process, so keep it locked. 

When do you think we will start to see your other side of drum and bass?

Firstly I want to release out the tunes which are sitting on my desk for a bit longer, it’s hard to wrap up the older tunes but I really like those ideas and it is hard to just let them go, I want to share that music with people. In the same time I am working on more deeper/technical tracks as well as more melodic stuff and if everything goes right then I think these might go out somewhere around Q3 2021. 

Where do you see your label in 5 years?

I would like to release as much music as possible and also diversify it a bit. Last couple of releases from myself  were more aggressive sounding then music I used to produce in the early stages of my career so maybe it can be a nice thing to visit those more settled areas again, but I don’t want to make any statements right now, let’s keep it opened.  Overally, I want this platform to be something myself and hopefully other people as well will enjoy.

Also, Czech & Slovak scene is very healthy , there are tons of new talents at the moment and I would love to join forces with some of these new upcoming guys and maybe help them a bit on their journey.

Czech is an amazing place for drum and bass right now. Who are some of the artist that you are looking at? 

There is so many great artist in our area these days, it’s really hard to pick up just a few. But OK, you should keep an eye on upcoming guys like Notequal, Holotrope, SLWDWN, Ripple, Meph.

And we have some great matadors across different subgenres of d&b as well, likes of Rido, Subtension, Qo, L Plus, Forbidden Society, Changing Faces and the list goes on. 

How have you been doing during these crazy covid times?

Oh it may sound weird, but I am actually quite liking it. I used to go to the office where I work everyday before things went crazy and I must say I can imagine working only from home office. No distractions, no silly talks, no senseless meetings, I can do more in less time from home.

There are less or no gigs atm, which is on one side very sad and devastating for loads of clubs, on the other side I have more time to produce music on weekends! So I am not that much bothered by the current situation. 

Do you have any hobies out side of music? 

When I am not in the studio then I am most of the time with my family. I also like to go for a walks into the nature, exercise a bit or spend time with friends. But I do not have much of a free time really. 🙂