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Catching up with Kronology!

We caught up with Kronology fresh of their latest release on Technique Recordings and ahead of their forthcoming gig at the legendary Respect, LA.

1. What were some of the highlights for you in 2016 ?
Some of the high points for us in 2016 included playing shows in cities like Las Vegas, Denver and several in our hometown Los Angeles, as well as handling the DJ mix duties for the Technique Summer LP.  We also had a tune on that album called “Everyday” which is one of our tunes that we’re most proud of.

2. You recently released a new single can you give us a some details about it?
We dropped a new tune Mantra last month on Technique.  It’s a funky little banger that fuses jump-up elements with old school rave sounds and dark melodies.

Grab your copy of Mantra here!

3. Now that we know do your highlights from this past year what are you looking forward in 2017?
We’re looking to hopefully expand our reach with live shows farther than we’ve gone before, and we’ve got several tunes wrapped up that we’re excited to unleash this year when the time is right.

4. In what direction do you guys see yourself going musically ?
We’ve been working on refining our sound to include elements of modern Hip Hop, Trap and Dancehall fused with our typical upfront DnB, for a new kind of Drum & Bass fusion.  We’ve also been playing around with more half-time rhythms as well.

5. What are some of the perks of being signed to a label of such magnitude like Technique Recordings?
Being signed to Technique definitely helps widen our range and gets our music out to a much larger audience.  It’s nice to be able to build our international profile beyond the states, which this definitely helps.

6. You recently signed with cybergroove as your booking agent can we expect some sort of Kronology tour in the future?
We certainly hope so!  That’s a major goal for us in 2017.  Definitely excited to be working with the Cybergroove crew!

7. what does your production set up look like?
Our setup is pretty basic but it gets the job done.  We work in Logic Pro on a Macbook Pro, with a Focusrite interface, 2 pairs of monitors (Event and JBL) and a MIDI keyboard.  We’re currently in the process of revamping our studio and are almost done!

8. Since it’s two of you in the group do you guys work together in the studio or the guys bounce ideas via email or other methods?
We primarily work together since we live close by, but since we both work full-time day jobs it makes it harder and harder to do that nowadays so bouncing ideas back and forth via email is playing a larger roll.

9. What is your favorite synth at the moment?
Serum!  Hands-down best synth out there, it’s mind-blowing!

10. What is your go to vst, the one you can’t live without.
Same as above, lol!

11. How do you feel about the state of American dnb scene and how do you think it could be better?
Thats a hard question to answer in a short amount of time.  On the positive side, it has definitely grown quite a bit in recent years, with cities like LA, DC, Seattle and more growing thriving scenes with large parties and big fan bases.  Unfortunately there is a lot of nepotism involved in the US scene, and its extremely difficult for any new artists to make a big splash or get noticed since those in positions of influence keep things very tightly-controlled and within their own circles.  Its been like this for a long time and unfortunately that hasn’t changed along with the growth.  The good news is that there are now many new artists starting to make waves, so hopefully we’ll see more change as this continues.

13. What is your favorite drink when at the club?
Probably a nice IPA or other good quality beer!  Vodka Redbull if we’re tired and need to muster up some energy!

14. When not djing or in the studio, are there any activities or hobbies you like to share with us?
We both share a passion for graphic design as well as art in general.  We’re also both pretty big movie buffs.  Nick is also a big sports guy, particularly baseball and basketball.

15. Lastly any shout outs?
Shoutout to the entire Technique Recordings crew for all the opportunities over the years.  Also big shoutout to our own Splat Media crew here in LA, as well as the Timeless, Xcellerated and Respect crews here in the local scene.  Shoutout to the DnB Vault for running a great publication, and to all our friends, fam and anyone who has supported our music over the years, big up!!

Make sure you get tickets to their show at Respect February 2nd  by going to this link: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1419439

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