Catching up with Mean Teeth!!


I’m constantly on the prowl for new styles and individuality in the Drum & Bass world…..

Mean Teeth are relatively new to the scene but are already making headway breaking new grounds with their Upfront Progressive Neuro inspired sound. Having their tracks featured on the Massive Noisia Podcast as well as receiving continued support from the likes of Nickbee, Amoss, Logam and Trilo.  You can find their cutting edge tunes on labels like Santoku, Bad Taste, Lifestyle and Plasma Audio.

With that said let me start our interview by saying congrats on your recent success and releases, you’ve been making some serious fire lately.
MT: Thank you, man. Been working really hard to get our name out there.

For those that are new to your work and style please introduce yourself.
We are dnb trio from the Baltics. We don’t really bind ourselves to some specific style. We try to be very versatile and surprise listeners with every release.

Where did the name come from?
The name came from a preset name. It’s from Izotope Trash 2. We think our approach for dnb and music overall has got a lot to do with being mean. The “teeth” part is a little tongue-in-cheek, therefore, signifies the funk we strive to maintain.

How would you describe your style?
Marius: It’s versatile, funky, angry, mean, progressive.
Mark: Definitely all of the above, plus a flavor of old school sprinkled to taste.

What got you started in music?
Marius: I got a push from a friend who was messing around with music in his game console back in the days. It was like 12 years ago.
Mark: I went to a music school and my parents are really musical. My dad is like a walking rock encyclopedia!
Alo: My high school friend introduced neurofunk dnb to me and I got instantly infected by it.

What inspired your journey into the world of Drum & Bass?
Marius: For me it was the time when I found Desimal’s music. Rest in peace, legend.
Mark: a bunch of friends showing me dnb and me wanting to figure out how the music was being made.
Alo: Like Marius said – Desimal. He was a huge inspiration for me.

What’s influenced your career?
Marius: I got lot of influence from Vidual. When I started out, I was alone wolf. At some point I had a chance to meet Sten/Vidual. And he taught me lot of what I know today.
Mark: I’d have to say Marius, from our group! He was a catalyst after years of chasing my tail in production. I’ve learned so much by working with him it’s insane.
Alo: I think everyone who I have worked with have influenced me in some way. Marius definitely influenced me a lot. Also, Noisia’s production was a big motivator that forced me to dig deeper and deeper in sounds.

Do you write any other styles and tempos?
Marius: Yes, I’ve done some dubstep stuff and house stuff as well.
Mark: We’ve done a tune in 140bpm, called “Indisposed” early on. It was a neuro-garage track. Might do some more out there stuff in the future. Personally, I write house/pop music as a day job.
Alo: It’s always fun to experiment with tempo and see where it goes, I don’t really stick with the styles. I have done dubstep, hip-hop, ambient and some experimental stuff.

What’s been your biggest source of inspiration lately?
Marius: The current scene, it’s insane how much new stuff is coming out and it’s all so cool. There is lot of trash talk that dnb is dying but that’s not obviously the case.
Mark: I have to agree with Marius. The scene right now is really inspiring, with all the new sounds coming out constantly. It’s so easy to get inspired just by being a part of this wonderful music.
Alo: Yes, the scene is dragging everything forward and I love how it’s progressing .

For our readers that are into music production, what’s your studio setup and what is your sequencer/program of choice?
Marius: I have pair of Adam F7’s + Adam Sub 7. Then a 61 key midi controller. Then a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 soundcard. And for a DAW I use FL Studio. Also have a pair of Yamaha HS80 for referencing at home. And of course headphones which I love so much, they go by the name of Sony MDR-7510.
Mark: I have a pair of Adam A7’s with a sub, a simple midi keyboard and a Focusrite soundcard. I use Cubase 9 Pro as my daw and work in the box. It’s all pretty standard at this point.
Alo: I’d rather not say 😀 But as a DAW I use Reaper because it’s very customizable and very computer friendly.

What’s your workflow like? How do you collaborate?
One of us starts a draft, then we send the stems to each other. Basically, back and forth, back and forth kinda stuff. We have our own strict rules on how we organize everything and it helps a lot when we need to be productive. Which is always.

Any tips for upcoming producers out there?
Marius: Learn new stuff every day. If you want to be a big name then you need to work on music every day. Also, don’t hate your own scene’s music.
Mark: Listen to a lot of music of different genres. Analyze it. There are no shortcuts, so you just have to put in the hours. 99% of the time I chose producing over partying on Friday nights, because I wanted to make music professionally so bad. So far the only thing that’s changed is that I put in even more time into achieving my goal.
Alo: Exactly what Marius and Mark said. The more effort you put into it the better results you can expect. No one is born to make music. You have to train your ears and learn to use the right tools.

Anything your working on at the moment, upcoming releases or something to look forward to?
Right now we are working on some remixes, collabs and EP’s. We have a remix coming on Santoku this month (July). Then another remix in August. We are already preparing releases for next year. All we can say is that we already have upcoming collabs with Disphonia, Dub Elements and Gydra, to name a few.

Whats next for you?
Marius: Cool releases. Lots of releases.
Mark: And gigs, don’t forget gigs!

Is there someone you’d like to collaborate with in particular?
Marius: Noisia of course, then DLR, Mefjus, Neonlight, Malux, Nickbee, Ulterior Motive and Cruk.
Mark: apart from what was already named, I’d add The Upbeats, Agressor Bunx, Spor and Audio.
Alo: I would add Phace, Emperor, Misanthrop, Current Value.

Who are your favorite producers?
Marius: I don’t have favorite producers. I think I’m more into tunes than into producers alone. To name a few good tunes that I really like: Urbandawn’s Gothenburg Cluster LP is amazing, DLR – Trip Up, Tyke – They Must Come, Alibi – Trunk ft. MC Coppa.
Mark: Noisia, DLR, The Upbeats, Spor, Gydra, Xtrah, Ed Rush & Optical, to name a few. Outside of dnb, I really like Hudson Mowhake’s stuff, DJ Premier, Flume.
Alo: Noisia, Current Value, Mefjus and all the stuff that has been released on Neosignal.

Shout outs?
Marius: Shout out to Thomas/Logam, all the fans we have, my family,
Mark: Shout out to uncle Trilo, Twisted Visions LT, and everyone, home and abroad who supports our music. You guys kick ass!
Alo: Shout out to everyone who understands our music and has supported us !

Their forthcoming Remix for Des Mchmahon will be released on Santoku records available July 27th.
Make sure you grab their latest release on Lifestyle records here:

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