We Catch Up with T-Phonic & Deadman


T-Phonic & Deadman are the most recent additions to Technique Recordings’ roster, off the back of their sunshine-drenched contributions to the label’s compilations last year. But those summertime vibes aren’t the only thing these two have to offer.   We took a minute to catch up with the guys to see what life have been like since signing exclusively to this legendary label.


You guys are no strangers to the music scene, how did you end up coming together?

A: Plenty Of Fish! .. no .. jokes aside through a mutual friend Dean (Twista) .. I had been experimenting with a few D&B bits on the side of my Hardcore & Breaks projects and Tim had just done a remix for Twista for the Sub Slayers label. Dean suggested i get in touch with Tim for a remix. I think i sent a jumbled up, barely readable soundcloud email after too much coffee one morning and unfortunately for him .. he replied! A few visits, numerous phone calls and multiple stems later he never managed to escape!

So you’ve signed exclusively to Technique Recordings. How’s that been and what are the perks of being signed to such a legendary label?

T: Well obviously its very early days but so far so good. We are now managed by Technique’s head honcho Simon Bassline Smith. He’s been a major player in the scene for as long as I can remember and so his input and advice has been extremely helpful. For our first release we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to DJ on Radio 1. Our DNB60 is up on the BBC website if anyone wants to check it out.

Your first release is Scare Tactics / Reflections VIP. Can you talk us through these? 

The original Reflections, was a bit of a surprise hit for us last summer, i think it could have gone either way because of the big pianos and stabs, fortunately i think it was the right track, right time and we were blown away with the response, particularly the huge support from Simon, and Friction on his Radio 1 show. We sent Friction a message to thank him for the support, and he came back and said he would love a more dance floor friendly VIP of it for him to play out. 5 months later and about 20 different versions on .. and that was it.

Scare Tactics Evolved a little slower, Tim had got some really cool new drums down more on a 4/4, sent them over and i had found a sample from the BBC Sherlock series the night before shouting about ‘Ghosts’ .. hours of creepy horrors, old trailers later and a lot of late night sampling the first / instrumental version was born. I (AL) had used a Trailer Voice Actor from the states a few times for some old album projects, and we eventually battled through writing a speech for him, days of weird vocal processing later … scare tactics appeared.

What reactions have you both been getting personally since the release? 

(T) It’s been amazing, all happened very fast for us as we only signed i think in January. We’ve had so much support from Radio, Blogs, DJ’s, messages and our family and friends. 

(A) Its been fantastic right across the board, I was a little worried about what people would make of my Hardcore background, switching scenes doesn’t always end well,but I’ve had no moans yet and I’m proud of what I have achieved over the last 20 years there regardless.

How do you get your inspiration for writing and creating new music? 

Right across the spectrum really, (AL) I come from the Early 90’s Fantazia / Raindance Rave era, and so on with the Hardcore I was originally known for but i always followed the dnb scene very closely, while Tim came from the grimier late 90’s jungle / dnb inspired by the likes of Dillinja, Bad Company and Ed Rush and Optical. We were both hugely into Rap/Hip Hop too. So we still take a lot of inspiration from that.  Now we draw influences across the board. We just write anything we feel like. We don’t want to pigeon hole ourselves .. It’s more fun to have creative freedom. Which is why Technique is such a great fit for us.

What direction do you see yourselves going in musically? 

As a recent write up about us eloquently put “anything from soul to savagery”.

Do you guys work together in the studio, or do you bounce ideas via email? 

A Bit of both, usually one of us all will come up with a riff/hook or sample, go back to another for some Drums. We go back and forth over a number of months with a few FIFA tournaments in-between until we have something that we both don’t hate!

Who are your biggest influences in the scene right now?

So much talent in DnB right now but there are some stand out producers that we’re both feeling such as Noisia, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, DC Breaks, Mefjus, Dawn Wall, Mob Tactics, Dimension and The Prototypes to name a few.

What can we expect to see from you in 2017?

Lots of new music! We’ve stockpiled quite a lot of tracks and we’re currently working out exactly which ones will be next. Our next release will be music on the Technique Summer Album coming soon.

Lastly, any shouts?

To everyone thats been supporting us!




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