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America’s #1 drum and bass dj is back with a new mix and a string of gigs to support it.

This saturday he will be djing at the infamous Bassment Saturdays party held at Webster Hall , NYC . This party is 19+ and it is always a rager! If you are in the NY area, this is one event you should not miss!

Check out the Facebook event page for more information

Now, if you have been sleeping for the past few weeks and haven’t had the chance to check out Dieselboy  latest mix The Destroyer II , do it now!

THE DESTROYER II – EXTINCTION EVENT is a 2 hour, 138 track TOUR-DE-FORCE – a tight knit, precision dialed full frontal frequency assault that will RIP YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT. From the epic intro to the thundering outro, through widescreen, IMAX-definition soundscapes and layers upon layers upon layers of texture, this mix is raw testament to the timeless brilliance of DRUM AND BASS music and what 25 years of obsessive programming can create.

Recorded at D.CELL, Brooklyn NY

Mastered at THE BEAST LAIR, Brooklyn NY

CLICK HERE FOR TRACKLIST >> alturl.com/sh76k

LIKE THIS PAGE >> www.facebook.com/dieselboy