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Burr Oak – Mind & Dolls – Blackout Music

Burr Oak – Mind Dolls
The energy is high from the first drop building intensely using the walk of a horse to keep time. The vocal comes in along with the drum beat and the energy levels off as we head toward the first build up. Huge industrial hits stop the beat and create the scenery of machines gearing up for war. The beat drops and the industrial influence in this is undeniable. Heavy drums, stomping bass and ruthless edits and bass change ups create just the right amount of chaos to draw the listener in. The haunting vocals tingle in the distance as the song develops further and hits the second breakdown. Distortion and reverb are used here perfectly to create an extremely aggressive contrast to the vocals. The drop comes in and you are right back to tearing through whatever is closest to you as you let the tune completely infect you. This is an extremely creative and heavy tune that will surely chaos the expected havoc to any dance floor it sees.

Burr Oak – Red Cloud
A speech on the current state of our planet starts us off with eerie pads and synths working their way into the soundscape slowly. The buildup quickly starts up and heads furiously towards the drop. Once the drop gives way the tune absolutely hammers the listener with an onslaught of distorted bass changes ups, sub heavy responses, and edits that will keep your ADD happy and at peace. There is a melodic element that creeps in through layers of distortion and impregnates your brain with fury and excitement at the same time. The balance between head nodding and head banging is perfectly displayed in this crafty tune. Constant evolution in this tune makes for many surprises and keeps even the pickiest of trainspotters content.

Words by Bad Martian



Burr Oak





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