Burr Oak – Dark Age – Eat Brain


Burr Oak drive the Eatbrain horde into the shadowed depths of their latest EP, ‘Dark Age’, the latest from the duo, and a follow up to their previous releases ‘Roots of Evil’ & ‘Hawkeye’ on the label. Within, the duo unleashes six tracks stacked with aggressive tonalities and futuristic textures that unveil the latest in the sonic tale of these twin bass line masterminds.

I think I’ve mentioned before that what I love about Eatbrain is the sense of drama that you get on their releases regardless of who is doing the production. One of the best examples of this is Burr Oak. With some of the producers, you can’t quite always tell which side of this whole zombie thing they are on. Not so with Burr Oak as they are clearly the outlaw hero cowboys of the zombie apocalypse. Kinda in line with that whole “drama” thing I mentioned. Their most recent effort is another chapter of the Burr Oak story in the Eatbrain catalog.

Machine Replicate Your Body Language

The title just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Well, the beats on this one don’t roll so much as they stagger, stumble and lurch. Experimental sonic wizardry at it’s finest. With the high production standards that we’ve come to expect from Eatbrain, Burr Oak really dive into the deep end on this one and keeping with the drama theme, this one really does honestly sound more like movie soundtrack material than a dance floor hit. And frankly I think that’s exactly what they were after. With menacing dystopian sci-fi computerized vocal samples and blips and bleeps all over the place. If you can dance to this one…that’s how we know you’re a robot.

No Light Will Shine

Keeping with that cheery post apocalypse theme, this one comes in with atmospherics and builds a beat and layers on menacing vocals. Bass hits build the energy and the drop is that Eatbrain & Burr Oak madness that fills all yer brainwaves with them neuros you love so much. A very high energy track that keeps building and even at the break down manages to add more energy for the second drop. It’s got that frantic crazy foot shuffle sound with the warps and wobbles that mess with yer head trying to take it all in. And then…suddenly it’s all over.


Yeah…drama. The build up here is about enough to push you over the edge with anticipation. At the drop its got the heavy bump of the bass with the driving snares. The synth phrases keep stabbing at ya and the buildup in the middle has that vocal muddle that make you check for hidden messages. It builds and builds til ya think something is gonna blow and then a breakdown a that actually sounds like a machine breaking down. Until it reassembles itself and starts to power up all over again for another run. There’s a bunch of very interesting variations after the second drop. If I didn’t know better I’d think they put them there just to see if you’re paying attention.

Dark Age

The EPs name sake features Life Size MC spitting bars that sound like prophecy. This track is this reporters favorite. It’s got these synth lines from hell, groove, nasty filthy subs and great lyrics. What more do you want? It’s deep and heavy in more ways than one and the phrases with the Reese are just pure jet fuel. One of those big monster reveal in the movie kinda tracks. Those quick triplet snares really keep the energy pushing forward.


Eerie atmosphere gives way to bumps of bass and then a quick drop with the sample “dissent”. You could put this on as the soundtrack to a riot and nobody would complain. It builds up the intensity and then has an almost (dare I say it) melodic section right before the breakdown that really adds to the tracks dynamic. Instead of just more, better faster it adds some contrast. Don’t worry though, after a great return to the eerie sounds effects at the breakdown, they come right back hitting hard. The second half of the track again is where the real action is at here. They put some time and thought into what they were saying here and if you’re the type to not listen to the whole track, you’ll be missing out.

The World’s Spark

This one is heavy AF and the bass just keeps punching and has a great dialog with the synth lines. Mixes it up and changes the drums and in fact is a whole new variation just in case you get bored easily. This section really kicks it into high gear and after the break down, you typically expect a “rinse and repeat” with a lot of producers. But, not with Burr Oak. They are writing an epilogue to a drama and just go over the top with the energy and bring in an entire new section of the song bearing resemblance to the first half of the track in theme only. I’m really not kidding this is some epic story telling kinda stuff. Complete with crescendo build to the sustained last operatic note. In a Neurofunk Eatbrain sorta way of course.

This EP borders on opera. I said what I said.



Burr Oak