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BOXPLOT – Alice EP – Liquicity


Following his triumphant rise to the top after bursting on the scene with hit track Escape With The Clouds which quickly surpassed 1 million plays, drum & bass producer Boxplot is back with Alice, a melancholic EP on Liquicity featuring euphoric progressions and indie and punk rock influences that will have you all up in your feels.

Taking listeners on a sublime trip through his mind, Boxplot’s Alice EP is four tracks deep which all have their own unique, emotional qualities. The EP eases you in with sweet nothings followed by a countdown before the beat drops on Voicemail Poems. This is then followed by nostalgic number Polaroids of You with Ownglow and its sympathetic melody. Meanwhile We Lose It All has Voicians on the vocals detailing the emptiness felt after losing a loved one, and finally, Cult Of A Broken Man which can only be described as woeful, will have you at the edge of your seat.

Boston bred, Boxplot has been making waves throughout the D&B scene since starting out in 2015 with his Escape With The Clouds debut receiving astronomical plays within a short space of time. However, his success was shortly dampened by the complete meltdown of his hard drive which is enough to put any artist of creating again. Not Boxplot though. Despite all his hard work being lost, the failure motivated him to dream up a fresh new sound that has been reflected in 2017 EP Tramontane, galactic hit Sunroad with Flite and Audioscribe and now Alice which arguably is one of his greatest creations to date.

With the sky being his only limit, Boxplot’s abilities to innovate while creating an unforgettable experience when listening to his music will no doubt continue to evolve with bigger things yet to come. Watch this space!

BoxplotAlice EP is out now via Liquicity.


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