I Survived The BOOM POW² Madness


My most recent travels brought me to New York City this past weekend where I played at BOOM POW² which marked the 3 year anniversary of the super power promotional team known as BP². The night was a massive success as it brought in crowds from all over the world to pack a major Manhattan venue with 3 rooms of nothing but drum and bass. The following events are my personal experiences for the 24 hours I was in NYC.

If you’ve never flown Virgin Airlines, I highly suggest it. I, myself, never have before as my airline of choice has been Southwest until this flight. I boarded this high-tech and modern jet to be greeted with pink and purple ambient mood lighting and house music played over the cabin speakers. As I walked down the aisle to my seat, 9A, I was overjoyed with the look of comfort on the faces of the other flyers. I sit in a big leather chair. In front of me, an interactive TV screen full of games, movies, and cable television. On this screen, I would see the greatest video ever produced by an airline. The pre-flight instructions and FAA regulations.


But enough of my new love for Virgin Airlines.

I’m picked up by Hector Mamajuana, a local DJ and BP² resident, where we head to the legendary Katz’s Deli on Houston Street. A $20 pastrami later, we’re fed and head over to his crib in Alphabet City to pre-game before the show. We take few shots and begin a little DJ tag session of tunes from his mystery crate consisting of random white acetone Commercial Suicide pieces and classics like Shadow Boxing by Doc Scott.

A couple hours pass and we head out to the Slake, which is just a block away from Madison Square Garden. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much but once you walk through its doors you are immediately in awe of the 3 levels of labyrinth-like setup. The bottom floor consists of two separate bars. One in a chill room space the other directly in the main room of the club. The second floor overlooks the main room and also contains the sound engineer and lighting booth, a vendor area, a photo booth and the stairway to the 3rd floor. Up on the top level you’ll find the remaining rooms each with their own bar. One room with a stage the other outfitted with a booth. The venue seems large, and it was, however by 11 pm, this entire club was packed to the gills and every room was wall to wall with junglists.


All of the sets I heard were on point. Double Dragon threw it down upstairs as did Matos + Lovelace, Norequest and Big Juana. I caught some of Rene LaVice and really enjoyed his set. Very high energy and had the whole room moving. I would have liked to say I heard Heist, however, he and I went on at the same time for what I’m calling the ‘power hour’ where there was Heist, Jumpin Jack Frost b2b Bailey and myself all playing at the same time (you can check out some video of my set). During this time, the venue was absolute bananas. After my set, I caught the final bits of JJF and Bailey as they played until the very end. I was impressed as they held their room captivated and dancing until well past 4 am.

Overall the party was an impressive success, not only for the folks at BP² but for NYC and US DNB as a whole. Everything went off without a hitch. Everyone had a great time. Everyone left turned on by a UK DNB experience in the heart of US DNB country. It is possible and this party was living proof.