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BMotion’s Top 5 Viper Tracks

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BMotion just dropped his massive new single ‘Arabia/Ignition’ on Viper Recordings. Already an established and respected member of the Viper family, we asked him to give us his top 5 tracks from the labels vast catalog (in no particular order)

InsideInfo – Mushroom

Loved this tune from my first listen, which was in Futurebound’s car! Goes off every time i play it out and is just generally a massive tune! Doesn’t leave my record box!

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The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot

 The success this tune had speaks for it’s self. Massive club track that still goes off! I love the simplistic nature of this tune that still has bags of punch and oomph perfect for shaking dance floors!

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Moving Fusion – Attention

Absolutely love this track. I don’t know what it is but it makes me move every time i hear it. I love all the little bits that come in and out – always something to latch on to.

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DC Breaks – Babylon

Huge tune!! used to rinse this on vinyl in my mum’s attic back when i first had decks! Think i’ll have to bring this back into my sets!

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Cyantific – No More Heroes

Anyone who knows me will know i’m a Cyantific fan, and he didn’t disappoint with this release. Another tune that doesn’t leave my sets, and causes mayhem when you drop it.

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BMotion’s latest single ‘Arabia/Ignition’ is available now on iTunes

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