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Bmotion’s – Moby’s “A Simple Love” Remix and 5 Production tips!

Moby has been a hot topic in the Drum & Bass community lately after having recently confessed that it is where he finds “the most adventurous and innovative production techniques and sonic landscapes.” Now, becoming the second Viper artist to have the honour of remixing the legendary electronic master (following Matrix & Futurebound’s ‘One Time We Lived’ remix in 2011), BMotion returns with a fresh take on one of dance music’s most iconic artists.

Taken from Moby’s 2016 album, ‘These Systems Are Failing’, expect to hear both adventurous and innovative production, alongside truly sonic landscapes in BMotion’s rendition of ‘A Simple Love’ – exactly what Moby revealed he loves about the genre in his interview with UKF earlier this year.

Conquering a certainly daunting task, BMotion has successfully managed to balance the familiarity of the original with his own unique sound. Moby’s original vocals stand out against an entirely new soundscape, masterfully infusing a healthy dose of bass and newfound energy into the track together in a way only BMotion can.

With a busy 2017 planned, BMotion is showing no signs of slowing down off the back of this remix with his forthcoming single ‘Journey’ due out next month as well .

In the meantime we caught up with Bmotion and asked him to give us 5 production tips, here is what Bmotion had to say:

1 – Something i struggle with is taking enough breaks. It’s amazing how quick your ears fatigue and start fooling you into thinking something sounds great when in reality it doesn’t. I find taking break every 45 mins is about right.
2 – Manual Side chaining  – There’s loads of plug ins out there that will do this job for you, but i still find doing it the long and old fashioned way to be better! I sit the Sub and Kick files next to each other, then spend hours cutting out little bits of sub every time there’s a kick. The hard part is cutting enough away, but not so much than you can hear it.
3 – Broader Eq curves. I used to be in a habit of only doing surgical EQ cuts and boosts, but i’ve found using analog style EQ’s that have quite broad bands always sound better, so when i use Logic’s EQ or similar i tend to makes the curves a bit broader and seem to get nicer results.
4 – Reference tracks. Alway have a few reference tracks to judge against, this helps to not only re fresh your ears but stop you from going off on a mad one and making something that doesn’t quite work, which is something i’m guilty of all the time!
5 – Get on Youtube! I’ve learnt pretty much everything i know from trial and error and realised i could’ve saved loads of time by watching  video on Youtube! No shame in using a great resource!


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