Bladerunner Interview


In 2004, Bladerunner’s talents were spotted by Ray Keith and has since established a reputable back catalog which features remixes of many classic jungle tunes. Over the past 11 year Bladerunner has been tearing up dance floors globally and has showcased his talents on labels such as Dread Recordings, Critical Recordings, V Records, Chronic Records and Program to name a few.

DNB Vault had a chance to catch up with this veteran DJ/producer to talk about his influences, remixing tunes, his forward thinking take on the classic jungle sound, as well as future projects.

Please introduce yourself and describe your sound?
I’m Bladerunner. A DJ and producer based in the UK. I’ve been releasing music on Dread Recordings and other labels such as V Records, Formation and Critical over the last ten years. My sound is a mixture of early 90’s jungle and remixes brought up to date with more contemporary DnB techniques.

You have been in the business for a long time. Who would you say are your biggest influences?
My biggest influence has to be Ray Keith as I’ve always loved the Dread Amen style. Other influences I’ve drawn from over the years are the old Dope Dragon, and Full Cycle styles of Roni Size and Dj Die. For nasty bass it’s got to be Dillinja.

How important is it to you to maintain the Jungle vibe in your tunes and how do you go about doing so?
I do make all kinds of styles. It’s not something I intentionally try to put forward in my music, it just comes out of me that way. I was lucky enough to go out in the 90’s to some of the best raves in the UK, and experience those early styles that hold a special place in my heart. I think it’s important to show the new ravers about those times too, through the music I make.

Having been in the game since 2004, did you ever have difficulties adapting to new technologies either in the studio or touring?
I never had a problem adapting in the studio as I’ve always tried to keep up with new software and techniques for getting the sounds I want. The main transition I found more challenging was going from playing vinyl to cd’s. Now it’s all changing again, as most Djs are using usb sticks.

You have remixed classics like Renegade Terrorist, Lighter, The Chopper and Dark Soldier. In your opinion what are important factors to consider when producing a proper remix?
I think it’s important to have decent quality samples to start with. I always do my research before I even start a remix to make sure I don’t get half way through and find I need a key part that you can’t sample, or get from the original. If I can’t find certain sounds that I need I sometimes can re­create them. This has taught me a lot about how they used to make the old jungle sounds by deconstructing them myself. I use it as practice in between projects and find it helps with future creations too.

Speaking of classics, what are a few tunes that never leave your crate?
Capone ‘Friday,’ and Andy C & Shimon ‘Night Flight’ have never left my bag, I think it’s because I’ve never remixed them though!

Your last release was Into The Fire with DNA on the Rise of Soldiers Album Sample via Natty Dub Recordings. Can you tell us a little about the tune?
It’s a nice jungle style roller with stabby terror bass hits and swirling sub bass wobbles, with a few vocal snippets from my good friend MC DNA. The track came together really quickly and has had some great feedback from fellow DJ’s, and also when the crowd calls for the rewind!

Do you have any new projects in the works?
Yes, there’s always plenty going on. Coming next I have a remix of Ray Keith’s ‘Deeper Love’ on Dread, a track on the next Ram Records Program LP and something with Bcee and Hybrid Minds for Riya’s new album on Spearhead records. I will also be starting my own label ‘True Bass’ which will feature tracks from myself and a few other producers I’ve been working with.

I understand you are about to embark on a North American tour. Are there any spots you are anxious to visit?
Yes, I’m really excited about coming over again, I’m looking forward to coming to San Diego as I haven’t played there before and I hear there’s great vibes in the city. I love it in LA too as they love the jungle sounds at Respect.

Do you have any gigs locked where our readers in North America can catch you at?
I will be performing in LA at Respect on the 22nd October, San Diego on the 23rd, Portland 29th and Seattle on the 30th and more TBA.

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