Blackout Presents – Evolutions vol. 8 – Various Artists


We’re back with another edition in the Evolutions series. Vol. 8 features Disphonia, AKOV, MISSIN, Cod3x & Screamarts. Hope you love this diverse set of tunes as much as we do.

The Blackout Music series ‘Evolutions’ is back with another heavy hitting EP packed with big tunes from the heavy hitters on their roster. And to absolutely zero surprise to anyone they all come out of the corner swinging hard and hitting solid.

Disphonia – Can’t Hold Back

A great opener for the album and come to think of it a great opener for my next set. Great driving groove with all the signature heavy metal sounds we all know and love so much from the Blackout camp. Directed with solid effect. This one has a lot of energy and really gets things moving.

AKOV – The Hunt

This one starts out mysterious and eerie. Not sure what is being hunted here, but it sounds spooky AF. And I wouldn’t wanna be what’s hunted. The buildup is great with revolutionary lyrics that lands hard at the drop and then just goes for it. Taking no prisoners, this would be a great riot soundtrack as the angry mob puts up the guillotine and nervous rulers clutch their jewelry. But…ya know…in a fun dancing sorta way.

MISSIN – Confusion Fields

At this point in listening, one can’t escape the thought that there’s a fair bit of social commentary going on with this EP. A theme if you will. It’s not blatant but if you’re paying attention it’s there. ‘Confusion Fields’ has a great collage of rhythms going on. Busy triplets in there, build up to a plateau that then starts rolling….like yer trying escape something that’s just behind you. Breakdown get’s spooky again and here come all those fragmented beats sneaking up behind you. But, then they take a left turn and it starts rolling again. You duck around a corner as the confusion passes you by.

Cod3x – Roll Up

Yeah….this won’t end well….or will it? Pure atmosphere intro and at the drop with nasty synth stabs that sound like alien vocals. Glitchy bounce with all kinds of blips and bleeps in the background. Not what you expected? Me neither, but here we are. A very unique track from a very unique producer that always keeps you guessing.

Screamarts – The Breach

Last up is a track that comes in much like the title suggests, and at the drop it ups the bet. Yeah…’s sounds like a breach all right. You know the one in the Lovecraft story where the mad scientist’s fiendish device goes full tilt and space starts warping and something comes through the inter-dimensional gateway? It basically sounds like that. The warbled synths here are just off the chain. This one goes down deep into the abyss, with no intention of bringing you back. Just remember: the guy that opens the gateway always gets killed. That’s like…..I dunno….first year beginner villain stuff.


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