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Binary – Atypical
Dark and moody chords set the mood as the tune starts up. High tension melodies soon filter in as the pace of the high hats intensifies. Suddenly a huge bass hit stops the chords and the tension starts to build. A nicely pieced together build leads quickly to a drop that has the fury and chaos that one desires after such a moody intro. The quick and precise percussion patters through the break and creates a sustainable and calculated chaos while the bass line tears through the foreground. The energy in this tune is intense and will cause every dance floor it touches to explode. Elements of techno throughout the tune give instant familiarity while also surprising the listener with cleverly crafted edits and change ups in lead elements.

Binary – Elected Pulse
Minimal kicks accompanied with a harshly cut and filtered synth create a wonderful intro for mixing while building the tone and tension of the tune at the same time. A very sneaky build up grabs just enough of your attention until suddenly the drop grabs you by the ears and shakes you violently. A furious yet steady beat drives through the middle creating a stepper vibe that you just cant avoid nodding your head to. Well crafted edits at the timing changes keep the listener intrigued while the tune constantly changing the focus between the leads and in doing so retains a fresh energy all the way through. Again elements of techno are infused and are a tastefully used as the lead for a good amount of time.

Binary – Infinity
Melodic synths wash over the soundscape as white noise gracefully cuts in and out creating a wonderful contrast. The tension builds through kicks and elements of techno stomping towards the drop. Once the drop hits it is running and harsh. Well designed and distorted bass draw your attention instantly while the crisp drums keep the tune moving. Amazing sound design and edit work keep the listener completely focused and interested. The mix and master bring a huge element as it relies on few elements to carry the weight of the tune. Perfectly balanced elements create a tune that is going to be playable in a multitude of different style sets.

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