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Billy Lane – Bass Bandit – Freqy Music Group

Billy Lane has truly gone in on this release. Celebrating two decades of 916 Junglist, and giving back with his new EP release ‘Bass Bandit

Lets kick things off with the first track ‘Yo feat. Entitee
‘Yo’ takes on that old skool: heavyweight breakbeat riddims, dubwise jungle and industrial bassline heft. Enitee warms up the Ep dropping straight knowledge and representing 916 Junglist and paying homage to the Drum & bass scene. Prepare yourself for ‘Sonic warfare at the lowest level’

‘916 as we step inside the sounds of the future’ told by the living legend him self, Jamalski. This New York native takes ‘Bandmon‘ to new heights with his reggae/hip-hop style and classic seeded love for jungle. J.a.m.a.l.s.k.i. truly lives up to his name – Joyful, Altruistic Metaphysical, Ageless, Lover, Seeks, Knowledge, Internally.

‘No Retreat’ is the real deal with a performance by Sacramento native, ‘Skurge‘. Featured in the Graffiti movie ‘E.N.D FR8 Project’ 2018, Billy and Skurge collab and deliver a fiercely intelligent musical masterpiece. You better put this on repeat and listen up!

‘Strong’ delivers spine-shiveringly bass lines wrapped up with sluiced-up breakbeats, haunting industrial soundscapes and one-inch punch savagery.

You better step back because ‘Bring It’ is unforgettable. ‘Itelellekt‘ spits some mind-rattling lyrics that take a hold of the listener along with perfectly weighted featherlight snares, fine-grained strings and oceans of space that generate a whipping pace that never feels busy. Savour it!

Last we the close the Ep with ‘Zoid‘ Put simply, this one’s a darkside dancefloor weapon of quite ridiculous quality. Billy assaults the listener with beautiful rising synths, arps and raw drums fused carefully to produce a powerful masterpiece.


Hailing from Sacramento CA Billy Lane has been a staple of Northern California DnB for over 20 years.  Award winning DJ and avid producer Billy continues to push the sound of drum and bass with unique style and pure love for the music. Billy Lane is also the founder of 916 Junglist witch has been the leading the way for dnb shows in Sac since 1998 .



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