Bill & Ed, who we’re pretty sure aren’t flowerpot men, have landed on Juicy Fruit Recordings with a five-track collection of jungle steppers and pummelling rollers that’ll get your heart beating just that little bit faster. This isn’t a pretentious or chin-stroking release, instead it’s a proper down-to-earth shakedown of UK-urban sounds that fits right in with the trajectory of the scene right now. The title track exemplifies this, with a stuttering jungle break and hi-hop sampling that flips into a stabby yet fluid rendition of late jungle influences and wailing low-frequency sonics. Top release.

Bill & Ed – Forces EP

Bill & Ed bring forth a testament to the roots of jungle while incorporating all the technical greatness that has helped the sound evolved over the last decade.  The EP is sprinkled with hip hop samples, breaks, drum edits, amen kits and enough pitched bass to keep any raver happy.  The EP is a real nod to the older sounds of the music and takes huge inspiration from early jump up with filtered and pitched basslines running most of the show.  The entire EP is a success with noteworthy tunes reviewed in more detail below.

Bill & Ed – Stop Charlie

Heavily filtered chords and a steady drum beat great you right out of the gates when you hit play on Stop Charlie.  The chords are soon accompanied by some lush horn parts and the drums are also paired up with a running amen.  A quick dropout stops the vibe for a hot second and then a pitch dropping bass is hurdled in as the drop hits and the tune really starts moving.  Heavy and steady is the name of the game on this one, pressing through the heaviest of sound systems.  Great tune for anyone seeking dancefloor tunes in the key of amen banger. 

Bill & Ed feat. Erbman – You Don’t

Lace your addidas up, get your track suit from the cleaners and make sure your kangol hat is fresh pressed and clean. You Don’t starts off with a hip hop beat that takes you all the way back to the early 90’s and does it with style!  Key stabs and heavy stomping drums have you hyped right from the start.  Once the break starts moving your head instantly starts bobbing.  There is a nice surprise in this one as the hip hop drops out and some seriously high pitched bass takes over.  The pitched bass is straight out of the dope dragon era and is done right! Pitter patter drums scatter throughout the sound scape while the pitched bass bounces around creating a seriously jumpy sensation that is sure to have the floors bubbling worldwide!

Bill & Ed – Forces

Forces starts off in a far off worlds soundscape with crisp, rattling drums that relentlessly grab your attention.  After a brief introduction Jay-Z lyrics come in and the drums take a break.  Right on time with the lyrics, “you are now tuned into the m$##$$# greatest” the drop hits you like a wrecking ball hitting a single piece of dry wall. The bubbly bass and rattling drums continue with edits at every corner and with the lyrics carefully sprinkled back in to keep your interest peaked.  This will be a fun one for anybody doing turntable tricks and doubles. These basslines are sure to cause a workout!

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