B-PLEXX – Liondub Street Series, Vol. 57: The Scientist – Liondub International


Cornwall, UK based B-PLEXX, ups the ante to kick off 2021 proper and deliver his debut Liondub Street Series EP.  Plexx drops 6 impeccable cuts that ooze with vibe, heady energy, and rock-solid production that nods at all that is great about rolling DnB and classic Jungle. B-PLEXX is destined for greatness and this EP is definitely a stepping-stone in that direction for the inspired young producer. Next level!   

Another top notch installment from the Liondub Street Series. This one from up and coming producer B-PLEXX. And it’s packed with killer grooves and groovy killers.

Rock for Rollers

As the title suggests, some good old fashioned rock and roll here. Pretty straight forward, but that’s not a critique. He keeps it simple on the opener. A great roller beat with accents of talking synth stabs. Nice clean samples and pads for texture in the background. This does in fact both rock and roll.


This one takes off the gloves and gets in it. With a bragging sample at the drop, it walks that talk with attitude. A nice groove and the pulsing subs and with the bass accenting at the end of the phrase just to drive the point home. Eerie synths in the background that make you wonder what’s gonna jump out of the shadows at ya. Probably more awesome music?

The Scientist

The EPs name sake comes in with some sci fi movie soundtrack intro synth. A mad scientist definitely. And one that “dares to create a monster” as the sample claims. Complete with mad scientist villain laugh. Love that distorted bass line and the melody at the end brings me back to old sci fi movies before they got the special effects right. Only B-PLEXX got the effects right on this one.

Don Gargon

This one is nice an grimey. Dunno where B-PLEXX finds his samples but I love ’em. That distorted bass with the synth stabs are a good contrast. The beat on this one is more minimal and doesn’t roll as much. But, that’s fine by me as it allows a lot more room for that nasty bass, synths and effects. I had no clue what a “Don Gargon” was so I looked it up. Turns out it’s a Caribbean term meaning “One who is to be feared or respected.”. I’m not gonna argue with that.

Mic Check

With a great sharp snare driven beat, at the drop the Reese is just filthy AF. And it just keeps going. The vocal sample isn’t overselling it when it says “oh my gosh” as it definitely has that vibes inside the ride, deep in the set feel to it. It’s minimal and doesn’t waste a beat or a note. Vibes all night with this one.

3 Dimensions

Drifting in with some sci fi sounding effects, beat comes up and reminds us at the drop that we are “trapped in 3 dimensions”. I’m honestly not sure about that. Another great rolling grooves and B-PLEXX has this great ability to create these dialogs between heavy effected bass lines and these squelching (is that a word? spell check didn’t catch it so I guess it is) synth stabs that I’ve mentioned above. It’s kinda “his thing” from what I’m hearing on this EP. And he does it very well.

A great addition to the Liondub Street Series. Liondub International has a great eye for talent and if this is anything to judge by, we shall see and hear great things from B-PLEXX in the future.





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