Authentic Music and the Art of Deception


Having gone relatively quiet in the past year, the Authentic Music imprint returns full-force with their massive 15-track Art of Deception LP compilation. The wait has been well worth it as label boss Panorama has gathered an essential selection of intergalactic beats for the late-night crew seeking to get lost in the deeper side of the drum & bass universe.

With names like Signal, Mystic State, Sunchase, A-Cray, Arp XP, Dephzac, Revaux, and MC Kryptomedic leading the charge with a mix of sci-fi soundscapes and tech-driven funk, we touched down with the man behind the mask of the Czech-based imprint for a glimpse into the Art of Deception that’s out now exclusively on Beatport so dim the lights and prepare to get your head twisted.

For a minute there we thought Authentic Music was no more. Why so quiet last year?
That is true, we only did a few label parties and apart from that I fully concentrated on putting the next album together. That proved more challenging than I thought but it also seems like we’re picking up steam quite nicely this year. We’ve already had stuff featured on Noisia Radio multiple times and we’ve licensed some tunes to be featured on a videogame called GRIP. I also recently did a label mix for Icicle’s RinseFM show that has been going over really well.

Even with the year off, the Authentic Music sound continues to evolve, is that something you’re sensing on your end as well?
Actually, it is. I do yearly reviews around Christmas and they always reveal some interesting things. I look at what we’ve done right and what went wrong and I check the original vision to plan the next year. I always wanted to have a unique sound of the label that you can easily recognize, but I also used to sign stuff that made at least some sense and would help push the label forward. If the author’s name was interesting enough or if it felt like a strong tune, I’d sign it. That’s not the case anymore.

So what has changed?
Right now we’re focused on stuff with somewhat natural sounding breaks and less synthetic sound. If you listen to stuff made ten years ago, it usually has similar type of beats. Analogue warmth is what we’re after and the beauty of having a clear vision is that it actually simplifies your decision making process. I struggled with this in the past, but now I know that a synthetic sounding half-step thing won’t make the cut. Even if it’s an amazing tune.

Why are you so set on pursuing that kind of sound?
It seems like this style is vanishing and we want to keep the classic drum & bass sound alive. That is our mission.

You can definitely hear that on the Art of Deception album as a whole. Looking beyond this project where is the label headed next?
There are a few EPs in the making. Gerra & Stone are doing a remix for us, you can expect a tune by Subwave and a couple of other things I can’t talk about right now. Oh and we’re going to do a lot more label parties and podcasts this year so keep an eye out for that.

You always seem to be on the cutting edge with talent as well, who are some names we should be looking out for in the new year?
Signal is doing some great stuff right now and he seems to be getting solid support. Apart from that, I am genuinely excited for the British duo Revaux that we’re helping to push into the spotlight. They have a talent for coming up with really good grooves and it seems like their tunes are made with love. There are usually smart melodic changes in the second half, so they’re not like copy-paste tracks so many established producers do these days. Watch out for these boys for sure!