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Assassins Vol 6 – MultiKill Recordings

MultiKill Recordings is almost a hidden gem in the Drum & Bass community. Known mostly for its ginormous dubstep releases, MultiKill lives up to their name crushing charts in multiple genres like hip-hop, breaks, dubstep, and yes, DNB. With tunes by champions like Symbl of Arsenic, Zaiaku, Knoxz, and Zardonic the label offers much to be desired to fans of power house DNB tunes as Assassins Vol 6 is sitting at the top of just about every genre chart on Beatport.


If you don’t know the name Noize Komplaint yet, crawl out from under your rock and get plugin. These guys are on the verge of being the next powerhouse of drum & bass. Zettabyte is self described “minimal banger” with some heavy low end bass over a neurofunk mid bass. It’s very reminiscent of the early “tekno dnb” days of the mid 2000’s. Not sure how they got that sub so low and hitting but it seems to be the Noize Komplaint signature sound.


Yes, you read that right! Derrick Green, lead vocalist of the Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura. Babylons P unique style has landed him on various MultiKill and Abducted releases and well deserved. This tune is probably one of my favorites as fan of heavy bass and metal. If Satan returned to earth this would be his intro music into the ring. The basslines in this tune are 100% fire and brimstone.


Tune of the release, in my opinion! We am a sucker for dark dirty breaks but when you combine that dark and dirty with 80’s undertones you just have an absolute winner in my books. Pure filth on the basslines and the drum work is done to perfection. We envision Transformers breaking dancing to this tune every time we hear it.


Another MultiKill veteran is Ekzoid who’s also been seen on Heavy Artillery and Abducted. Powerful basslines in this tune accompanied by an angelic synth bring out the elegance of this tune creating a lot of tension and release. Powerful production from Ekzoid.


Hip-Hop and Trap fans, this one is for you! Probably safe to say this is better than 90% of the pure mainstream trash you hear on your FM dial or satellite radio. Vocals and cadence are on point and well written and the beats are pure fire. Can this get some radio play please? We’d listen more if this was the norm and not Lil Yachty..


Sadhu can only be described as the Dimebag Darrell of Riddim scene, not only in appearance but in the pure and raw dark energy from his music. He’s been seen on a few Zardonic remixes and a myriad of hits on Crownset Audio. Wipeclub sounds like something straight out of a Rob Zombie movie. The bass is terrifyingly amazing and we’re not sure what “The Yoy” is but we don’t want to find out either.


With releases on Simplify with T & Sugah and others with the legendary Beenie Man, Titus1 is a multi-genre synth lord. From Drum & Bass, to Future Bass, to House and every genre in between this man can rock a synth like no one we’ve ever seen. STFU is an amazing display of his skills and talents in the studio. We think may have found a new artist to keep an eye on.


Tankman, with releases on Section 8 and Scapegot, delivers a remix of UltraBlack of Play Me and Force Recordings fame. This remix delivers! I was skeptical of a tune called “You Need Jesus” but it seems like it would fit the nightmare of a deranged psychopath on a rampage… but in a good way. The drum work is really nice and has that low low bass we love.


Dan Goddard is a 17 year old metal guitarist from the UK but to us he’s better known as White Eyes, another MultiKill and Abducted veteran. Prophecy reminds me of that scene in Terminator 2 in the metal factory at the end and the T-800 melts themself and gives the thumbs up. The clash of sounds that are all brought together in a melodic way that only Dan could accomplish.

If you’re interested in this release, and we highly suggest you should be, you can grab this whole compilation on Beatport right now by clicking here.

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