Ascension VA LP – ProtoCode


Lead by some of the most groundbreaking bass music pioneers in Western Australia, brand new record label ProtoCode Music are about to unleash a twelve track compilation which redefines the scene and places Perth as a central hub for its creativity. The launch of this imprint further highlights just how pivotal independent platforms are becoming within drum & bass and on first listen to this colossal album, there’s no denying the wealth of talent stretched across its track listing. Featuring a host of names which have been infecting cyberspace over recent months, the ‘Ascension’ LP is a huge project, especially for a label just beginning to pave its foundations within an already highly competition space. Alongside more established names on the LP, there’s also a host of newcomers who bring the heat, providing an upfront take on a subgenre which has been inherently underground from the beginning – but a new era is here.

Volatile Cycle and Barbarix join forces for ‘Own Way’, a track with hollowed drum rolls and thumping levels of sub bass. Humanon enters the party with ‘Riff’, pushing a cinematic intro and scuttling percussive undertones. Wresker and Kilobite’s ‘Thunderbolt’ joins Esym’s track ‘Nexus’ and Dead Zodiac’s ‘Source Code’ to present yet more carefully refined, upfront levels of attitude whilst records like Profane’s ‘Cosmic Dub’ and Confusious’ ‘Adrenaline’ continues to build ProtoCode’s platform. Density’s ‘Headstrong’, WYN’s ‘A Meeting’ and Against Odds’ ‘Run’ are all identifiably slick. In a different approach, Bold Theory’s ‘Giant Eggplants’ is a minimalistic, half-time monster. As it lumbers through with ticking beats and a throbbing bassline, Bold Theory makes their presence known against the other artists which making their first debut on the imprint. Ending the album is Dynamics’ ‘Habituated’, which leaves a lasting impression. You’re left reeling at the pure ferocity of this first release, especially on a label which has just risen against many of its more longstanding counterparts.

ProtoCode have already proven they’re a force to be reckoned with. Already establishing a packed release schedule more is set to come from the label alongside their A&R flex; ProtoCode are here to stake their claim.


Protocode is the brainchild of four like minded and dedicated individuals Dead Zodiac, Profane, Esym, and Against Odds. These guys had a joint vision to start a new label  featuring cutting edge bass music from across the globe. In this platform where they want to nurture and breed premium talent along with a premium sound with a vibe. And this album dose just that.



ProtoCode Music