Aries – Remix Style – Part 3 – Born On Road


The third and final part of the Aries ”Jungle Style” remix project is here and this package well and truly seals the deal with 10 multi-genre remixes coming from all different corners of the world. This is the final chapter to what has been an incredible project and we really couldn’t think of a better way to sign it off than with these awesome cuts from some of our favourite producers right now.

A whole brigade of jungles heavy hitters join up for the remix treatment on this latest release from Born on Road and the results are nothing shy of smashing!  Well past the dancehall sampled ragga-jungle of years ago this compilation boasts original vocals and collaborations with that bring an air of legitimacy that has been missing from the jungle community for the longest time.  Looking to solidify its place in the history of jungle music, Born on Road continues its domination of the sound. 

The remixes range from subtle dnb influenced ragga as in Benny Page’s remix of “Herbsmoke” way out to the more trending sounds via Ben Snow’s remix of “On Road.”  We even get some amen treatment on with plenty of edits and bass on Gella’s remix of “Who Said.”  This compilation is a great tribute to the original songs while expanding the range of sub-genres that are being included.  With fresh takes on each of the originals you get a unique result that refreshes the songs and allows for new audiences to be exposed to the returning sounds of jungle!

Leading the way in quality and culture Born on Road continues the level of top tier output while holding steady to the original jungle sound.  Get to know some of these newer names on the release as they have earned their way here and upon first listen you can easily tell why. Boundaries are pushed, rules are broken, but the result is more than a nod to the people and culture of the world wide jungle scene.  All junglists will benefit from having this release at the ready in any dance!

Words by:  Direct Feed



Born On Road