Alibi – Top 5 Brazilian DNB tracks of all time


Alibi have just dropped their double A sided release on V Recordings Trunk / No Escape. They effortlessly mix the rough with the smooth and are really creating a sound for themselves.  The Brazilian duo from São Paulo took some time out of their day to catch up with us, and keeping it close to home, gave us their top 5 Brazilian DNB tracks of all time.


01 – DJ Marky & XRS – LK feat. Stamina MC (V Recordings)

Every time we give an interview about Brazilian d&b we put this tune on the top. It’s getting hard to find words to describe it. Despite this tune was released in 2002, this song is still modern! We can say that this is “the greatest Brazilian d&b tune of all time”.


02 – Fernanda Porto – Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix) (V Recordings)

In São Paulo, this song is still one of the favourites of d&b people that are not used to go often to raves / parties / nightlife. Almost everybody here knows Fernanda’s solo career and immediately when you are talking about her this is the first song that blows in your mind.


03 – S.P.Y – Favela (Metalheadz)

“The Other Side”

For us, this tune is a “changing concept” of Brazilian d&b. This tune shows that the Brazilians can be very versatile and you can expect a lot of styles of d&b coming from South America.


04 – DJ Marky & XRS – Back To Love (Soul:R)

This tune is one of the most contemporary Brazilian d&b ever! When you listen to this, makes you imagine how far DJ Marky and the Maestro XRS were thinking! It’s perfect to every party / every moment / every time.


05 – Drumagick – Easy Boom (SambaLoco Records)

We could put all of Drumagick’s tunes here. Drumagick Duo are very talented and they always put the Brazilian flag in front of their job.

This tune is very special and represents the real Brazilian “Malandragem”!