AKOV – Symbiosis – C4C Recordings


Nominated as Best Newcomer at this year’s Drum & Bass Arena awards, Vienna-based UK producer Akov has been unsettling the status quo throughout 2018. The unrestrained output of Akov has ensured he’s stayed ahead of the curve, but despite his heavy flow of releases he’s always consistent in terms of the standards adhered to each one of his sonic deliveries. Already tearing through the back catalogues of identifiable imprints such as Titan Records, Eatbrain and Bad Taste, Akov makes another appearance through the moniker of C4C. For an artist only just beginning his route into drum & bass, adding himself into C4C’s fold is no small feat. They’re a label run by some of the most revered icons of its darkest moods, spending years honing their influence within a very significant section of the dance genre’s world. Spearheaded by nominal names Optiv and CZA, to fall under their guise is something many younger artists aspire to do, but their interest in Akov is a testament to his skills.

Living in one of the many cultural drum & bass hubs across Europe, it comes as no surprise that there’s a range of influences which show their face throughout Akov’s forthcoming single on C4C. A-side ‘Symbiosis’ is a whirling, technological fun fair of sounds which show no mercy during its initial climax. Slamming drum patterns and blaring bass pads take you into a freefalling drop, one signposted by flicking metallic beats. On the flipside, Akov and Dubape’s ‘Woolly Mammoth’ receives a rework, going even deeper into the steppy relays which created its original hook. The chiseled groove which sits underneath the mix of ‘Woolly Mammoth’ is still present but its switches grab you unaware as you’re taken into different territories. Akov claws at your synapses with this next release and there’s no pause for thought as he takes you into the chaos.

The next release from C4C points to why they’re considered tastemakers within their field. Alongside artists like Akov, they’re still flying the flag for labels who’ve paved the way for drum & bass since the early days – their longevity is unmistakable.







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