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It was only a matter of time… Chomping into Korsakov Music with the 8,000,000 pascal bite force of a North American grizzly, AKOV inserts himself so hard onto the label’s roster he takes up half its name. Get ready for ‘Rebirth’: A feisty, three track ode to mother nature’s reload.

Three tracks, three sense-attacks: once again AKOV has taken his signature maximal sound to brave new murky corners of drum & bass music’s darkest nether regions. These are the bear necessities, and AKOV won’t rest at ease until he’s bitten more off 2020 than any of us can chew.

AKOV – Rebirth

Unique, percussive drums and a haunting synth welcome you into a world of dark and ominous sounds.  As the drums double in intensity the tension builds into a melodic and powerful breakdown that commands your attention.  The last part of the melody gets warped into an oscillating build up that brings the listener to a complete frenzy.  Once the tune drops the bass is given much room to work its magic as it completely dominates the soundscape. The simple drums and widened percussion provide a welcoming space for the bass to really shine.  As the percussion develops around the changing bass you are whisked away onto the dancefloor.  Once through the second breakdown the listener is treated to some of these same elements over a delicious half time beat.  The beat lasts for a good 16 bars before you are switched back to a pumping drum and bass break for the tune to ride out on.

AKOV – Altered Carbon

Industrial synths accompanied by Gregorian chants echo throughout the epic intro as the drums shape a slamming half time beat to create the timing.  The intro stops suddenly, and stabs of distorted bass are thrown at the listener in a syncopated presentation of chaos. Quickly the drums are added as the tune drops and the distorted stabs now fall perfectly inline with the beat creating the greatest release of tension onto the dancefloor. Once dropped the tune is a straightforward dancefloor killer.  With perfectly mixed fx and perfectly timed edits to keep the tune interesting it moves at a furious pace towards the next breakdown. Once at the breakdown the tune changes up the from the first breakdown and drops again with an extremely unique punchy approach to the half time break.  Again after 16 bars the tune is switched back to the drum and bass break for the tune to finish up.

AKOV – Chub

Filtered and sweeping bass cultivates a space for the percussive elements to mingle and build tension. Once that tension releases the bass goes through an intense manipulation of sound design and AKOV is really showing off here his complete control of sound. While you are still stunned from the bass work AKOV sneaks up and drops the tune on you. Banging away through the drop is another unique break that encompasses percussive elements that are not typical to drum and bass but used so efficiently the sound as if they belonged to the genre since day one.  This tune is really a testament to the mixing and mastering abilities of AKOV as all the elements feel like they take up the same sonic space, however each element has its own space to shine.  And shine they do.  Through multiple twists, turns and edits this tune pulsates through the listener and straight through to the dancefloor. This one is a HEATER!

Words by Bad Martian











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