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AIRGLO & Wraith – Freak Show (feat. MC Dino) – Play Me Records

AIRGLO and Wraith join forces enlisting the vocal talents of MC Dino to deliver an absolute smasher of a single. This one will crack the foundation while it’s blowing off the roof on the joint.

I’m honestly not sure where to start singing praises about this track. So let’s just start at the beginning.

With a nasty drone the lyrics kick in and not far behind is a really right drum pattern intro. The buildup is enough to make any crowd loose it waiting for the drop and it doesn’t disappoint. Growling bass line and hard hitting snares driving the energy with synth stabs that just keep building and building. The breakdown isn’t so much a breakdown as a chance for Dino to catch his breath and come it both guns blazing and give the windup for the second drop. Which keeps building it even more. No rinse and repeat here folks, it’s a whole new section with layer upon layer of complexity and madness. MC Dino is one of the best rapid fire MCs in the game. And he so doesn’t do that here. He knows just what to say and when. Really shows off his range. AIRGLO & Wraith are a killer team up. And they have great taste in MCs too.

So tight that it’s smooth. So heavy that you float. So solid that it flows. Yeah…it’s like that.







MC Dino


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