Agressor Bunx: The Future is Now


With recent releases on Ram, Program and a monster four-track EP on Santoku Records that’s been getting support from all the heavy-hitters in the scene including Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Jade, and Billain, the Ukrainian duo known as Agressor Bunx are being touted as the Next Big Thing and with good reason!

Churning out a heavy mix of dark and dirty neurofunk vibes that draw on the classic sounds of yesteryear and yet twist them up into something completely unique and new, we thought we’d touch down for a quick chat with the enigmatic duo so you can say you knew them when.

Introduce yourselves to the DNB Vault masses.
Hello, we are the duo known as Agressor Bunx. Our names are Nick and Alex and we are brothers living in the Ukraine in a small city called Bila Tserkva. We represent neurofunk and techstep style of dnb!

Talk a bit about the kind of music you guys were listening to growing up and when dnb in particular entered your world.
Nick: Yes, I remember it was 2001 and we got our first record of dnb sound which was Bad Company’s Inside the Machine LP! We were surprised by the atmospheric and dark sound. It was something new and we loved it!

At what point does DJing and/or production start for you guys?
Alex: Oh, it was 2008! We were listening to so much dnb music and thinking about starting making our music for a long time! When we finally started it was really hard because we didn’t learn at music school or anything like that.

Your name seems to hint at some serious dark neuro pressure and yet a lot of your work is very dreamy and ethereal – where do you see yourselves fitting in?
Alex & Nick: Yes, we have a dark name and most of our tunes are heavy but we like making some experiments with sound and that can come out as atmospheric or deep or another style. We like listening to lots of music, not only drum and bass, and we are usually inspired from there. A good example of our experimental sound is our bootleg of The Prodigy’s  “Smack My Bitch Up.” It’s an old tune but we love it!

You’ve been climbing steady over the past three years release-wise with this year seeming to be when things are really coming together for you. You’ve lined up some huge releases on Program and Ram recently – talk a bit about how those came together and how the response has been.
Alex: Last year we decide to change our style and started focusing on our mixdowns. I think it was the right decision as then we signed a tune called “Muck” to Program. After that we decided to create something with some classic old-school-vibes and this became “Trice” which was signed to Ram Records. After that we’ve been getting lots of support from other big producers!

Black Sun Empire and Noisia have been huge supporters, talk about linking up with them and if you have plans for any releases with them anytime soon.
Nick: Yes, we have been chatting with Black Sun Empire for a long time. We have been sending them new tunes and they really like it and have decided to sign some to Blackout. One of them you can hear on Noisia radio, a tune called “Tommy Gun,” and it will be out on the first EP in their new Evolutions series!

Of course, this monster ‘Gravity’ EP for Santoku just dropped and it is some of your best work to date! Talk about linking up with Logam and how the EP came together.
Alex & Nick: We have been at work on this EP for about half a year! Because we wanted to make something interesting and do our best quality, all of the tracks in this EP have unique and interesting details. This EP has been getting support from many of the best dnb producers in the world which has been huge for us. All tunes on this EP are dancefloor killers!

This one is pure fire that’s for sure! Looking beyond that let us know what else you’ve got cooking project-wise and if we can expect to see you in the States anytime soon.
Alex: At this moment we are making music for Program, Blackout, Eatbrain, Bad Taste… I think next year will be really interesting and you will be able to hear many of our tunes! We definitely want to tour Europe and the United States, but it will have to be next year.

If for some reason we find ourselves in Kiev what’s some food we absolutely have to try while we’re there?
Nick: In Ukraine we have many traditional food for example “Borsch with dumplings, and lard with garlic.” I think when you try it you will be really happy.