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Agressor Bunx – Properties Of Addition LP – Eatbrain

Immeasurable and vast it lay before them, the sum of its countless parts and processes – reality defined within its complex and elegant form as time unfurled around their intricate interaction. The abstraction of their mechanism birthed roots within molecular gaps as the expanse stretched the borders of the present, splitting each moment with skull-penetrating audio enhancement. The body of their creation unveiled against a timeless backdrop, the properties of addition stacked into the present – pressing at the very fabric of perception.

Following up the viciously effective “Properties of Addition” sampler EP that landed heftily in raves worldwide in March, comes the powerful full-length debut LP from the fresh might of Ukrainian duo Agressor Bunx. They emerged with force onto EATBRAIN with “The Order” EP in 2016, tearing a ragged furrow through the year and rapidly rising to the apex of the drum & bass sphere with releases on Blackout, Trendkill, Bad Taste and RAM. With the duo featuring heavily at Eatbrain live shows, they’ve seared their sound deep into the hearts of the label’s massive crew and quickly become embedded in the core of their aesthetic. Now with the release of their first LP on neurofunk’s premiere label, they have delivered a sharp array of cutting-edge, diverse and hard-hitting forms of drum & bass, alongside mutated forms of the genre that push expectations and offer intense weapons for the rave. With the “Properties of Addition LP”, Agressor Bunx stake out a fierce and advanced sound field at the refined and heavy edge of drum & bass, delivering the speaker-pulverising LP that their fans have been waiting for.

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