AC MC’s Top 10 DNB / Jump Up Tracks of All Time

ac mc

While AC MC may be a new name to many in the world of DNB, he certainly is not an unfamiliar face in hip-hop. Having toured all over Europe and Asia with his music showcased on MTV and Singapore’s Channel U, AC MC has returned back to his drum & bass roots and is now a resident on Rough Tempo Radio with Jayline. We linked up with AC MC as he’s preparing for his next big show at Bass World in Albourne, about an hour and a half south of London, and got his Top 10 DNB / Jump Up Tracks of All Time.

Warhead – Krust

Simple but devastating bassline roller.

The Nine – Bad Company UK

One of the tracks that turned Jump-up Dark and techy!!!!!!! Relentless!

Gangsters – Mampi Swift

Immense build-up on the intro and nice varying synth melody when it drops.

The One – Mampi Swift

Rawness encapsulated!

Tidal Wave – Dominator & Turno

A modern day classic, with melodic intro going into a powerful stabbing bass.

Original Nuttah – Shy Fx & UK Apache

This classic still makes people go mad in the rave with its catchy vocal,big bass and rolling beats.

Return of the Overfiend – Original Sin

The deceptively mellow intro turns into all out mayhem when the bass line drops!

Peace, Love & Unity – DJ Hype and MC Fats

Soulful vocal over a dark bassline works perfectly.

Jayline – Willow

The orchestral intro and half time hi hats build up to a catchy bassline drop that sends ravers mental.

Mr Happy – DJ Hazard & Distorted Minds

The distinctive bassline is so catchy that every raver is singing along whenever it drops.

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