Jolliffe – Dubplate Culture – Soulvent Records


Splashing onto the Soulvent scene with his debut single Howl back in March, Pete Jolliffe Thomas is back with a beefy offering of seriously diverse tunes. This 4-tracker shows off more of this relatively new producer’s range, with some impressive features to chuck even more weight behind these intelligently composed tunes.

London lad Pastry Maker punctuates Movie Scene with his hypnotic hook while the tune itself is a playground of snares, percussive pops and lurching low-end, resulting in a distinctly welcome jungle feel.

Next up, title track Dubplate Culture sees Leeds veteran Coppa share some pertinent thoughts surrounding test presses and their importance in the genre that we love so dearly. A polite reminder to all that sometimes you should let a dub remain a dub (and stop with the SoundCloud rips!).

Penultimate track Northern Shades levels out the EP with thundering kicks, glitchy percussion hits and a thumping bassline. Guttural, almost tribal vocals pre-empt the drop and rhythmic atmosphere patterns cleverly flank the chunky sub on offer.

Last up Obi Franky’s uplifting vocals throw Moving On into gear, sitting atop a warm foundation of piano and big risers. These huge vocals, matched with neck-snappingly crisp drums and a satisfying dose of bass, shows that Jolliffe can also unleash liquid inspired hand raisers when he so chooses.

Joliffe has been making waves for the last several years at Fabric in London, BBC’s Cambridge Heath and of course with Soulvent records. Side by side with many of the best bleeding edge, up and coming producers in Drum & Bass. With a steady release of singles, albums and contributions to compilations such as the epic “5 Years of Soulvent Records”, his release of this EP celebrating Dubplate Culture makes him an artist to watch.


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