L PLUS drops Hideout LP Sampler on Technique


L PLUS’ new EP, the sampler for his forthcoming Hideout LP dropped today on Beatport. Timelapse and Creature Must Die – two neuro influenced bangers that rise anticipation for what is due to come. We had a chat with the producer from Bratislava to find out about the new tracks, his studio routines and plans for 2016.

How are you doing? What has been going on in your life since you last Technique release?
Studiowise I was focusing more on creating unique sounds, exploring deep baselines and buying loads of samples and plugins. Yeah, some kind of nerdism. I have been really busy in the studio but I was really quite happy about that. And changes in my life? I’m single. What else to say?

Please tell us a bit about your studio routines. When do you like to work and how do you work?
I like to work early morning with really clean head. And of course evenings and long nights are connected with underground music in my studio for sure! When all is quiet and nobody disturbs you via smartphone, when nothing sane goes on TV, when all pubs and shops are closed and there’s no way to do something else. I like to work on multiple projects at the same time, jumping from one to the other and then get back to that one I started a week ago.

The new release is pretty banging! Please tell us a bit more about the tracks.
The new tracks are marked by the sound I really like this time and it’s neuro. I’m not a producer of neuro tunes, but I really like to get inspired. I like how deeply¬† some of the neuro guys can dive into the technology of the sound. And I was trying to make the new L PLUS sounding a bit deeper this time. I played these tunes a lot in the clubs while finishing the process, just to be 100% sure they WORK!

Other than Drum & Bass, what would be genres you have tried out as a producer or could imaging dabbling into at some point?
I like EDM and I can imagine I can make something from this playground on my album as well.

What else have you lined up for this year?
I’m working on album right now – that’s my main lineup for this year. No side projects and a lot of gigs and some festivals as well.