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2DB Interview

2DB’s latest single has been gaining ground in the DNB charts since its recent release to the world. This should come as no surprise as these veterans of the craft have had nearly 20 years of success as Drumsound & Bassline Smith, owners of Technique Recordings. We caught up with the duo while on the road in the midsts of their WODNB world tour.

How did you come up with the creation of 2DB?
It’s been an alias we’ve been working under for a good 12 years or so now actually, something we created when coming from a different angle in the studio. It gives us the opportunity to think out of the box a little bit, particularly in regards to the way we approach Drumsound & Bassline Smith tunes. We can spread our wings production wise & try something a little different.

How does 2DB differ from a Drumsound & Bassline Smith production?
Engineering wise, the processes are pretty much the same, but there’s certainly a different approach to how we go about it creatively. It’s difficult to put into words exactly but I think you can hear subtle differences to our Drumsound & Bassline Smith productions.

Your new single, “Check Out The Bounce / Quaalude”, just hit the stores. Can you tell us a bit more about these dynamite tunes?
Yeah they are both quite different to be honest. Check Out The Bounce is a straight up, DJ friendly, bouncing club tune, simple but very effective. Quaalude on the other hand is a bit deeper, expresses more emotion and is a nice roller. Both tracks have been well received so we are pleased with that.

This year you’re celebrating 15 years of Technique Recordings. Did you ever think the label would have lasted this long and with such authority?
We’ll we’ve always had goals and aspirations just like any other respectable label doing their thing. We’ve adapted to the way the music industry has changed over the years and have a very active, hands on roll in developing our artists. We’re constantly evolving & it’s a never ending cycle, so with a bit of luck and plenty of blood, sweat and tears, we’d like to think we got another 15 years and more to give yet.

Are there any new artists that are coming up that you’re excited to see more of?
Kronology and Infrasonic. Both are the latest signings to the Technique Recordings roster. Kronology are based in LA, just had their full debut release on Technique with the Timelapse EP and peaked at 5 in the Beatport charts. Infrasonik are from Austria, already released on our sister label World-wide Audio and one track featured on the 15 Years of Technique album. Expecting big things from these guys over the next few years.

You just finished up the WODNB tour here in the states, a region of the world where they say DNB is dead. How did things go?
The tour was incredible. Almost all the shows sold out, vibes were electric inside and the energy and enthusiasm is as high as ever. Drum & Bass is alive and kicking in the USA, take our word for it.

What’s coming up for 2DB and Technique Recordings that we should look out for?
There’s a few tunes that we are still testing out and tweaking under the 2DB moniker which you are sure to hear is spin in our sets. Next up on Technique Recordings will be Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Memories / Primitive due out on 10th May 2015.

Are there any final words or thoughts you’d like to share?
Just like to thank you for having us on here and big shouts out to all the ravers world wide for their for support. Peace.

For more information on 2DB and Technique Recordings
2DB on Soundcloud
2DB on Facebook
Technique Recordings on Soundcloud
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Mike Ragga
Mike is the Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of the DNB Vault who, notably, was a long time writer for the now defunct KMAG while covering music and events from Warp Tour, NOFX, Dirtyphonics and Benny Page.

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