Loko’s Top 10 Viper Tracks


With the brand new Viper compilation ‘The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016’ dropping in less than two weeks, we caught up with Loko to hear what he’s up to. On top of that he names his personal Top 10 Viper tracks of all time. You can pre order now and receive Loko’s ‘Who Are You?‘ instantly! Also make sure to check out his Album Megamix.

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What have you been up to lately?

I’m a Manchester United fan and I don’t think Futurebound likes that very much because he knows there will never be a day when Liverpool reign supreme over United again. As for what I’ve been up to, working on a shit-tonne of music really, I’ve got like 16 or so tunes nearing finished and that’s definitely a new thing for me, prior recently though has been finishing the tune for Sound of Drum & Bass and trying to get my next single wrapped up. Also been going back in on a few of my old tunes and doing VIP’s/remixes ready for shows and a new mix I’m doing, also working with a couple of artists on some collabs, but yea, basically…. A lot of stuff, none of which I can properly talk about or say too much about, as is the nature of a producer.

How did the release on Viper Recordings come along?

I sent Brendan (Futurebound) a load of tunes a few months ago, like 10 or so, and he picked out a few he liked (not confirming or denying future releases here), said he wanted “Who Are You?” for the Sound Of Drum & Bass comp and then we spent mainly an email conversation deciding on which version we wanted and now we are there. I also have a VIP of it that he doesn’t know about (well didn’t until now) nearly finished. So maybe that will come out on the Sound of Drum & Bass 2017 comp? Who knows.

Please tell us a bit about your track featured on ‘ The Sound of Drum &am a bit about your track featured on ‘ The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016’.

Kinda mentioned a bit about it above but its a kinda a bit of a f*** you to an ex girlfriend to be honest, shame it’s come out now coz me and her are mates now, sorry, hahaha, I must have started the track 18 months or so ago (I take a stupendous amount of time finishing music) and I don’t even really know how I started it, was one of those 4am vibes when you just suddenly play a little riff and it its like ‘pow’. I normally try not to overcook the vibe when I get those idea though as it’s really easy to turn a good idea into a shit one by pushing it when you shouldn’t, so I think I probably spent a couple of hours on it then went to bed and carried on the next day, I bench tunes though, If I know the idea is good but I can’t get it to go in the direction I want because I haven’t learned techniques or something I’ll put it in a folder and leave it until I can go back in on it with the right skills. In terms of the overall finished tune, I wanted something a bit more dancefloory than my normal output, I like to vary stuff and I hate knocking out the same kinda tunes over and over again, so I went for a dance floor tune and that’s how it ended up.

What are your plans for 2016?

More of the same really, definitely more output from me this year than last year though, I’m going to bung a few tunes up for free download on my soundcloud in the near future and I may possibly have something else out with Viper at some point ;P. Looking forward to playing out again over the summer, got a few gigs lined up which I’m excited about as always.