The Inbox With Random Movement (v2)

Random Movement

Once again Random Movement stops by the DNB Vault to dig into his inbox this week and share his favorite tunes currently on promo.

So I managed to talk the folks here at DNBVault to give me a soapbox to shout about awesome music to all of you. The tunes I’m going to be sharing with you are a snapshot of my favorite tunes I’ve received on promo for that week. The music I’ve selected here will be released within the month, if the songs haven’t been released already. (Hint: google it!) Chances are if I’m writing about a tune in this section, its because it deserves to be spoken about. You aren’t going to read a whole lot of bad reviews here. I don’t like to write about stuff that doesn’t interest me, so if a track is mentioned here, its because I like it and plan on playing it out regularly. To hell with the rating systems too… You’ll know if its a 10 out of 10 or not when you give the tunes a listen. 😉

DJ Chap & Andrezz – Back EP – Liquid V Recordings

My Brazilian label-mates are back again with another EP that just makes me wanna bob my head like Stevie Wonder after too much cognac. The title track is a nice melodic roller with subtle atmospheric track “Spectrum” on the flip. Fava holding down the smoothness on the mic with “It’s a New World” with L-Side throwing his talent down as well. And then we have my favorite tune on the release, “Roll Around”, a groovy ditty with that “explore” break riding the song along. I say again: head bobbers.

Seba – Too Much Too Soon (Blu Mar Ten Remix) – Blu Mar Ten Music

This single hits the mark so hard on _that_sound_. Takes me back, big time. The track drops right in with the bass and a really haunting vocal, and the energy just keeps on building through the beats. I love it when a _real_song_ is produced out of this genre of music, complete with verse and chorus, a bridge, all those sorts of things that often times are left out of tunes I hear (and that isn’t a bad thing, either… thats why we have DJ’s doing mixes of this stuff!)

Ivy Lab – Twenty Questions EP – Critical Music

Twenty Questions.

Twenty Questions.


Just stop reading this and go find it, buy it if its out, just GET IT and put it in your ears RIGHT NOW. The title track… just wow. Every time I feel like I am losing that inspiration, I hear one of their new tunes come along that just hits me right where I need it to to make me snap out of my slump and want to get back in there and write another tune! “Forex” is like a thugged-out synth monster on acid, locked in a dungeon, talking shit. The release is interspersed with some really experimental glitch-hop(?) influenced rhythms… I am lost for words. Just go buy it you cheap prick, you’ve already waited too long.

Various Artists – Intrigue 12 The Anniversary Collection – Intrigue Music

Now I have to admit my bias on this one, but this is truly a great release and shows you what a good group of talented artists can really achieve when a guy like Ben Soundscape gets their heads together under the same roof and cracks open a bottle. Bristol’s best kept secret has always been the Intrigue night, label, and the two lads heading up The Insiders, and this release is further proof. VIPs of Raw Q and T.R.A.C.’s “NY State of Mind” as well as remixes of “Wake Up” (RoyGreen, Protone, PennyGiles & Nina), “Dusk” (RoyGreen, Protone & Ben Soundscape) and my track “Scotch Bonnet” make the cut for this release, with Zero T, Jaybee and Raw Q (again) handling the duties. Lurch, Superior Selectionz, Break, Randall w/ MC Supa, Ella Jones and Stereotype have also landed fantastic music on this release. Oh, and here is my shameless plug, where I tell you that Ben and I did a tune on it as well called “Love I Gave”. Go get it and help us pay our light bills!

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