The DNBVault touches down with one of the hottest duos to emerge from San Diego in recent memory: Sub Killaz. With a unique sound that is straight jump-up murderation on the dancefloor but in a more subtle, minimal way than you might imagine, the Sub Killaz sound continues to make big moves and catch the attention of heavy-hitters around the world.

Still fresh off the success of their ‘Street Series’ release on LionDub International (out now!) we check in with the crew to see what the future holds.

You guys are based out of San Diego. What’s the scene like there?
It’s a community vibe. If you’re into dnb then you know all the guys around here as there’s lots of people putting in work to keep the scene building. You can usually find us at Organized Grime in North Park – they tend to bring out some of our favorite headliners such as Heist, Sub Zero, Tyke, and many others.

It’s hard to believe you guys only started making beats in 2013. What inspired you to step up from the DJ booth to the studio?
We basically wanted to DJ, get good and be recognized. As we saw an uprise of producers and the value of DJ skills, we knew if we wanted to get our name out we’d have to make some tunes. Now pushing 2016 the production game has become our main focus.

Well you’ve definitely racked up an impressive number of releases since your debut EP ‘Eyes Bloodshot.’ There’s been mad interest in your tunes from the get-go – give us a sense of who are some of the more impressive names that have been supporting your music so far?
Yeah lot’s of guys we look up to. From Dillinja, Ulterior Motive, Annix, Tyke, Logan D, Macky Gee to guys like Funtcase & DJ Hatcha. The support has been great.

There’s a solid jump-up vibe to everything you guys do but I love your own take on it. This latest release for LionDub is a great example of your sound. Jump up in general gets a bad rap a lot of times, how do you guys see it going down especially here in the States?
It kind of comes down to what producers are doing with that style. Original Sin crossing jump up with dancefloor, Annix with a sort of neuro influence, etc. Lots of tunes these days have influences from many sub genres. We personally try to do the same as we enjoy the whole spectrum drum & bass offers.

How did you link up with Liondub?
We caught the Street Series EP he did with Hoogs a couple years back and were big fans. When he played out here in San Diego with Top Cat he gave us a shout on the mic right after we got there. We met him after his set and that’s when we first discussed doing a Street Series EP. We stayed in touch and to this day are still working together. He’s a great guy.

How do you guys go about starting an EP? Do you both work from the same studio? How do you start a track?
We work out of the same studio but the process is always different, couldn’t say it’s one way or the other. When we get an idea we try to see it out the best we can regardless if spawns from the drums, synths, samples, etc. We rarely build tunes for an EP as it’s more us taking a look at our collection and picking tracks that will be a good fit with one another as well as for that label.

If you could choose to remix any track from any genre, what would it be and why?
That’s a good question. How about Free Bird? That’s song is like 15 minutes long…stems for days (laughs).

Well all the hard work seems to have been paying off as you guys continue to crush it. What’s the top 5 tracks in your sets at the moment?
1. Sub Killaz – Smoke It (Dominator Remix)
2. Sub Killaz- Hog Bass (Konichi Remix)
3. Noisia & The Upbeats – Omnivore
4. Serum – Up In Smoke
5. Sub Zero – Something For The Weekend

Last but not least, what’s next for you guys?
We’re actually in the process of finalizing one of our next releases. We can’t talk too much about yet, but any chance we can work with a label that we own vinyl from, we’re stoked. That and a few remixes for LionDub coming up, as well as our next EP “Wolf Bite” dropping around the new year on Digital Terror Recordings. We also got a new freebie up on our SoundCloud page. Short answer: Staying busy.